Wednesday, March 07, 2012

GEORGETOWN -2.5 over Pittsburgh teased with OREGON STATE +7.5 over Washington State-- I'm not sure every sportsbook will be so generous in regard to how many points you can get with OSU(check BETUS.COM), but GT and OSU both have the revenge AND a JC----an initial set that seems to be emerging with Jamee Crockett's 21pt career high for Depaul on 3/3/12 and Jackie Carmichael's 12pt win for Illinois State and Jordan Crawford's 31pts for the Wizards. And then the next day, 3/4/12, Denver and Western Kentucky both won with JC's while Jake Cohen had 24pts for Davidson in a win and cover over Elon. On 3/6/12, Jason Calliste helped Detroit win the Horizon league in a 70-50 victory. Oregon State has the +offense and Georgetown has the +ATS.(Win by 8.5 and 9.5......Unfortunately, BETUS decided to cancel my bet...........because THEY MADE A MISTAKE!!! (And people wonder how the US can commit mass murder in Afghanistan----BETUS is HOSTED as a sponsor on this site!). Don't fuck around---if you put the number out there, you gotta accept any bets that get put down with it. You can always CHANGE it..........but.......Oregon State would have covered even if BETUS hadn't made such a homicidal mistake; they won by 5. But for the purposes of this site, this is a win)


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