Friday, March 23, 2012

DETROIT PISTONS +9 over Miami Heat(Lose 88-73)
DETROIT PISTONS +400 over Miami Heat-----Detroit has the +ATS(slightly), the home revenge and home-off-road-loss. Miami has the +offense(Lose 88-73)

OHIO +11 over North Carolina------I don't think anybody really thinks North Carolina can lose this game however...........Louisville's substantial upset yesterday included 2 players named 'Smith' while Ohio State's Lenzelle Smith had 15pts in a win. Well, Ohio has a Smith. You also have to consider the BALTimore Orioles' 11-1 blowout of the Twins yesterday and the fact that Ohio has a guy named BALTic. Etch-a-Sketch.........OHIO Art........stock up HUGE! Something like 4.00 to 12.00 on the Sketch's sudden popularity in politics. Yes, North Carolina is a good team and will probably win many times do you get to play Athens over Chapel Hill?(Win 73-65)

XAVIER over Baylor parlayed with NC STATE over Kansas(+1340)------CJ Fair had 15 pts for Syracuse yesterday in a win and the Wolfpack has 2 CJ's the Orioles 11-1 beatdown yesterday, XAVIER Avery went 3 for 4. And, if NC State wins with NC also winning, that sets up a revenge game for the Wolfpack there.(Lose by 5 and 3)


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