Friday, February 10, 2012

HARVARD CRIMSON -5.5 over Penn Quakers-------Regardless of the fact that Penn is at home and may have some decent names, it is an ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVABLE fact that, having been related just yesterday by Wharton grad(a U Penn associated business school) Ivaka Trump, Wharton was teaching that "House prices always go up". Many business schools are financial crime schools but, right now, Wharton's reputation is shit to me. There is NO EXCUSE for the amount of damage "Wharton style" economics has done to this country and my wealth in particular. U Penn needs to be PUNISHED for Wharton's idiocy. "Oh, Wharton; I thought it was a great business school..." No. The truth is out now.(Win 56-50........Corbin Miller 17pts career-hi)


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