Sunday, February 05, 2012

PATRIOTS -21.5 over Giants(+1,400)------Patriots were -2 on the TO ratio in their loss to the Giants this year......(Lose 21-17......Less than 30 past his 34th birthday, legendary Patriots WR Chad Ochocinco finishes up with his 16th reception......)

PATRIOTS -7.5 over Giants(+195)-------......and when the Giants beat the Patriots in the 2008 super bowl, the Patriots had been, well, a pretty good team that year(they had Randy Moss). (Lose 21-17...........Ochocinco finishes with 16 receptions(less than 1 per game) and 1 TD on the year........)

PATRIOTS -10.5 over Giants(+275)------Its hard to imagine a more significant or salient revenge spot---Patriots have "double" revenge motivation. (Lose 21-17...........while THE RACIST CITY OF BOSTON........)

PATRIOTS -3(+105) over Giants------I can't think of a reason why the Giants have made it this far in the post-season other than to satisfy the requirements of this revenge-match.(Lose with its RACIST practices and Boston's long history of RACIST POLICIES and BOSTON'S legacy of RACISM drops the Patriots into the EXTRAORDINARY IGNOMINY of failing to convert this epic revenge opportunity, in addition to losing BCLI a lot of money)


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