Saturday, February 18, 2012

OHIO BOBCATS -7 over NC Asheville-----In honor of the huge Charlotte Bobcat victory last night in Toronto, we'll consider this. Ohio has come within 5 of Louisville and often beats teams by more than 10 points. Asheville has beaten VMI twice and........come within 4 of Tennessee. Strength of schedule difference.(Win 81-62.............Storm Warren 12 pts)

NOTRE DAME -2.5 over Villanova-------Jae Crowder, a huge 29 pts today.........and Notre Dame has the JC. Nova has the home-off-road-loss and the +offense but is a very bad ATS team.(Win 74-70........Pat Connaughton 21pts)

MICHIGAN +5 over Ohio State(Win 56-51)
MICHIGAN +195 over Ohio State-----Michigan has the home revenge and..........the question is, How strong is the revenge today? Well, New Mexico blew out UNLV by 20 with the revenge.....Kansas State beat Baylor today with the revenge as a 7.5pt underdog and DePaul covered, taking Louisville to OT, with the revenge. Ohio State can crush bad teams(and they beat Duke by 22), killing Nebraska twice. However, OSU has lost to Illinois and Indiana on the road. It looks like the home court is counting for about 7 points in this line.........Game Winning blocked shot Jordan Henriquez for K-State today.(Win 56-51)


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