Sunday, February 12, 2012

CHARLIE WI -120 over Duke(Final Round ATT)(Win by 2)

BOSTON COLLEGE +12.5 over Virginia Tech-------As much as I FUCKING HATE the New England region and EVERY FUCKING THING in it due to the Patriots' failure and the nation-damning failure of Providence yesterday, Virginia Tech just does not beat teams by 12 points unless its names liks Campbell, North Florida or Norfolk. VT just doesn't do that(yes, BC has lost big to some good teams........but not always). Obviously, the revenge is soft right now (and VT has the home revenge) and........this trend was likely birthed not by Brady's weak Jinxelle-fucking dick, but by Obama's(can't wait to get rid of this oreo) invocation of Jesus, during Super Bowl week, and Jesus's confiscatory tax-policies on the rich. Ummmm, "Love your enemies....?"(Win 66-65....#12 Ryan Anderson 17pts)


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