Saturday, February 11, 2012

PROVIDENCE FRIARS -1.5 over South Florida Bulls-----Friars have the +offense, home-off-road-loss, the +ATS and the home revenge. While Brady and Patriots may have "softened" the revenge, SF only has Collins while Providence has couNcIL and bILal dixoN.(Lose 55-48.......What advantage DIDN'T these cunts have? There's no excuse for this shit. I won with this team before, didn't I? "Abandon all fucking hope, America....")

RICHMOND SPIDERS -7 over George Washington Colonials---------Richmond has the +offense and the home revenge but has fraNcis cedrIc marteL in addition to LINdsay. GW only has coLoNIals.(Lose 69-67.........Thanks alot JEFFERSON FUCKING DAVIS.......punk motherfuckers; this shit-ass team used to be good)


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