Monday, October 16, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +7(-120) over Tennessee Titans-----We got Brissett at qb.  Come on, Colts.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

MICHIGAN -7.5(-105) over Indiana---------Blowout.

Monday, October 09, 2017

CHICAGO BEARS +3.5 over Minnesota Vikings
CHICAGO BEARS +163 over Minnesota Vikings---------I wouldn't play this with Glennon  but apparently Trubisky is starting.  Bears have covered both their home games and they have the home-off-road-loss tonight.

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) +105 over La Dodgers(Darvish)-----Must win for Arizona and.........yea,  this team just lost for me.   Greinke has in fact been rocked in this last 3 starts.  And he's got 2 good and 2 bad games vs the Dodgers.   Dodgers offense "looks" better,  but over the whole season Arizona has actually scored more runs.  So,  because they have to win.......I'll support them with a bet.

INDIANS +300[LIVE] over Yankees----------Indians will come back to win this one.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

LA RAMS -2 over Seattle Seahawks---------Looks like Seattle has had only 1 good game out of 4.   They're on the road here.   Don't see any reason why they..........might out perform.   Jacksonville is beating the Steelers and on of their INTs was by Ramsey.   So we'll bet Rams.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

MICHIGAN -11 over Michigan State-----MSU does have the revenge but this is their first road game.  They looked bad vs ND but in fact outgained them.   Michigan's defense in fact only allowed 3 points against Florida.  Michigan has failed to cover only in games O'Korn has not played in.

CHICAGO CUBS(Lester) +113 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)--------Strasburg had a no-hitter for 5 last night--Error at 3rd base by Anthony Rendon allows 2 unearned runs and the Nationals never score a single fucking run.   Doesn't matter if Gonzalez does good,   you can't win if you don't score and the Nationals are losers.   Those 2 things I know for sure.

ARIZONA WILDCATS +7 over Colorado Buffaloes-----Arizona was -3 TO in their last game,  a loss to Utah.   Arizona has the Revenge and is off a bye.  Col has the home-off-road-loss.

Friday, October 06, 2017

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Walker) +231 over La Dodgers(Kershaw)-----Kershaw has shut down Arizona twice this year in 2 chances.  Walker has gone 2-1 vs Dodgers.   It IS continuously remarkable how good Kershaw's stats are over the long term.  (But Kluber also has good stats, and he got rocked today).   No,  I don't trust Fernando Rodney as Arizona's closer---but do you trust Kershaw in the post-season? 

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Strasburg) -142 over Chicago Cubs(Hendricks)-----Nationals have been talented for.........a number of years.   The one year they "shut down" Strasburg for the post-season,  they weren't really serious about winning that year(and of course,  they didn't).    Strasburg was harder to hit this year than in any previous year.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

LA RAMS +5 over Dallas Cowboys-----With Kerryon Johnson's 3 TDs for Auburn,  Ty Johnson's GWTD for Maryland,  Western Michigan's 55-3 win with Jon Wassink at QB throwing for 240yds and Cy Johnson's 2 TDs for Wyoming,  its hard to think of a better name yesterday than Johnson.   And it seems that the Rams have John Sullivan at Center and Trumaine Johnson on defense.  Of course the Rams should have won their last game by more than they did and I don't particularly like the Rams' OC today(Matt LaFleur) because his name sounds French.   But the Rams have at least proven that they can score this year,  however good you think the Cowboys might be.(Win 35-30.........Greg Zuerlein 7 FGs............Rams were +2 TO)

HOUSTON TEXANS +2.5(+100) over Tennessee Titans(Win 57-14)
HOUSTON TEXANS +127 over Tennessee Titans-----Houston has two Johns on defense and Tennessee has one.  Didn't think Houston could do anything but then they almost beat the Patriots last week so.......It's hard to stress how disgraceful and unconscionably pathetic the state of Tennessee was yesterday.  Memphis getting blow out by 27 points and Mid-Tenn State losing 38-20 were secondary to the ultimate atrocity:  the University of Tennessee losing at home 41-0 on a BCLI Game of the Year.   I can't see how conditions for a Houston win could be more favorable.(Win 57-14........Best offensive game in franchise history for Texans.........Deshaun Watson 73% 4 TD passing........Will Fuller 2 TD..........Andre Hal 2 INTs............Houston +4 TO,  +250yds)

DETROIT LIONS +9 over Minnesota Vikings teased with BALTIMORE RAVENS +9.5 over Pittsburgh Steelers(-120)--------This is a Late Information fact:  Ravens coach is John Harbaugh.  Name is good today and Lions..........really haven't done anything wrong this year.  They probably,  legally,  beat the Falcons last year but there was a rules issue.  Lions really shouldn't be an underdog vs anyone until they show otherwise.(Lose by 7.5..........Steelers +90yds and +2 TO..........Ravens fail at home for me.)
MIAMI +163[LIVE] over New Orleans---------Dolphins' defense is dominating.   Hopefully Cutler can engineer some scores.(Lose 20-0...........and Miami did not even attempt a Field Goal.   This Dolphin team is probably the worst offense in NFL history)

Saturday, September 30, 2017

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +9.5 over Georgia Bulldogs
TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS +290 over Georgia Bulldogs------The conventional wisdom on incidents of this nature.......
(Seth Brandon Spangler, 31, is accused of shooting Hearne and rookie Polk County police officer David Goodrich, who had responded to a report of a stolen car out of Tennessee.
After an intensive manhunt in rural northwest Georgia, Spangler was arrested about 2:45 p.m. – completely naked, with dirt still on his face. He and a second suspect, Samantha Roof, 22, were charged with felony murder and aggravated assault.) that the "Tennessee side" shot first,  before the game,  so they're out of control(etc) and Georgia should win with the Georgia cop shot dead.   The reality,  however,  is that Trump killed 17  people in Libya on September 22nd,  with this triggering the September 24th church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee by Emmanuel Samson,  killing one,  and this shooting in Georgia is just a small part of Operation Just Revenge against America for what Trump did.   With 17 killed in Libya,  I have no doubt that shootings of this nature---until they start killing,  like,  a lot of people-----will be viewed as justified,  and justified motivation to beat Georgia,  even tho Georgia has the Revenge.  Georgia has only played 1 road game in which they beat Notre Dame 20-19.  This will be another one.   And it will be..........The BCLI Dirty South Shoot-out Game of the Year......BCLI GAME OF THE YEAR!!!(Lose 41-0.....How can you fucking SUCK like this?   This is a team that beat Georgia Tech!   Unreal that they are THIS incompetent:  Quinten Dormady 31% 2 INTs,  throwing for 64 yds???????    This is a home game.  Georgia was +3 TO in this game and Memphis and Mid Tenn St both lost badly also.   Vanderbilt lost and failed to cover against Florida.   Maybe there was 1 Tennessee school that won today,  but I don't know which.   Can't believe the state of Tennessee would do this to me ON A GOY!!  Yeah,  in fact,  this game is the biggest disgrace to BCLI in my memory.   Horrific.)

 GEORGIA TECH YELLOW JACKETS -9.5 over North Carolina Tar Heels-------GT does have the home Revenge here;  their defense looks like it can be good---Tennessee got very lucky to beat them in the first game.   GT looks relatively injury-free,  compared to NC,  who did score well vs Cal and Louisville but........they're still underperforming.(Win 33-7........even TO game and GT outgained the by 200 yds..........Kirvonte Benson 130 yds,  TD)

SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI GOLDEN EAGLES -7.5 over North Texas Mean Green------Southern Miss is off the bye and has the Revenge.  And they are at home.  NT was played Iowa and SMU.  Southern Miss has lost to Kentucky but covered all their lines.(Lose 43-28...........Sou Miss,  in addition to all those advantages,  was +2 on the turnover ratio..........which makes this a complete mystery as to why the Golden Eagles collapsed and quit in the 2nd half.  Jeffrey Wilson had 3 TD for North Texas.  Could be a state issue,  with Mississippi losing 66-3 to Alabama)

WISCONSIN BADGERS -16 over Northwestern Wildcats------Despite NW having the revenge,  the names look right---or right-er----for Wisconsin.  So I'll lay this number.(Lose 33-24.........score is 31-10 with 6:44 left in the 4th quarter and this bet is about to win.   Northwestern goes for it on 4th and 7 at their own 48yd line and makes it.  Then Wisconsin just casually give up 2 TDs.   This why I can't bet these big favorites)

NORTHERN ILLINOIS HUSKIES +10 over San Diego State Aztecs--------Northern Illinois has the Revenge and is coming off a bye;  SDST has beaten Stanford and Arizona State and is at home.(Win 34-28............SD ST was +4 TO.........Northern Illinois out gained them by 150yds)

VIRGINIA TECH HOKIES +7 over Clemson Tigers----Hokies do have the Revenge and.........they've beaten some weak teams---and West Virginia.   Hard to know how they'll do against a good team.  Clemson did poorly vs Boston College until late in the game last week,  when they did good pretty fast.(Lose 31-17...........Virginia Tech,  a pathetic -3 TO.  Clemson led 24-3 at one point so........not a close game.)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

GREEN BAY PACKERS -7.5(+100) over Cincinnati Bengals------Home-off-road-loss for GB and they've played decent teams;  Bengals have lost to Houston.(Lose 27-24...........Dalton threw 77%...........Even TO game..........Giovanni Bernard got a TD)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -5.5 over New Orleans Saints------Panthers are allowing only 3 points per game.   Sounds good.(Lose 34-13.........What a joke:  Cam Newton throws 3 INTs in this game........and then beats the Patriots the next week........and now we know he's a sexist!!!  I guess the Saints are kinda..........good.)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +106 over Cleveland Browns----I don't dislike the Browns.  But I think this is a must-win home game for the Colts;  if they don't do it,  everyone will be fired.(Win 31-28........Colts almost blow 28-14 halftime lead.   Jacoby Brissett was 70%..........TY Hilton 155yds, TD.........Rashaun Melvin 2 INTs)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS -3(-102) over La Chargers------The Chargers haven't lost by much,  but they haven't won either.  3 points is cheap for the Chiefs.(Win 24-10..........Kareem Hunt 172yds, TD.........Kyreek Hill 77yds, TD.........KC was +3 TO)

ATLANTA FALCONS -3(-105) over Detroit Lions----I have a feeling the Falcons might be a lot better than the teams the Lions have faced----Giants looked uniquely hapless.(Win 30-26.........Lions were +3 TO in this game,  which means.........Falcons are really good.  Stafford was 55%)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Richard) +116 over Colorado Rockies(Anderson)------Batters hit .308 off Richard this year and........its strange how this guy just doesn't get better.  Although he has worked:  30 starts and 185 innings this year.   And considering how much better the Rockies are,  at least on offense,  this is really weak number.   That is,  I should be getting +140 or more.   However,  Richard has the Pitcher Revenge as the Rockies hit him and beat him in their last 2 meetings.  And the Padres have the Team Revenge against Anderson who shut them down in the 16-0 game.    So there's a lot of Revenge here that I wanna play,  but I'm not a big fan of this number.(Win 3-0.........Christian Villanueva 2-4,  HR..........Solarte 2-4)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Mejia) -1.5(+115) over Detroit Tigers(Zimmerman)----Its strange that,  with a real chance of making the playoffs,  the Twins have been unable to add any Starting Pitching besides Bartolo Colon(a fatuous addition). we are:  Adalberto Mejia is starting.   I don't consider it meaningful that the Twins have rocked Zimmerman..........because everyone rocks Zimmerman.(Win 12-1.........Mauer and Polanco 3-4........Kepler and Escobar 2-5)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Fulmer) +268 over Houston Astros(Keuchel)(Win 3-1)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Fulmer) +1.5(+128) over Houston Astros(Keuchel)-----Even though the White Sox only got 4 hits yesterday,  you still have to relate these numbers to the fact that Houston has clinched.   Fulmer has only had 3 MLB starts,  so its hard to say he's guaranteed to do bad.  If the White Sox suck at hitting again tonight,  then maybe these numbers are justified.(Win 3-1......Fulmer got 1 out and walked 2 and came out of the game; Chris Volstad got this Win,  pitching 4.1 innings.......Rymer Liriano RBI walk in the 1st)

SOUTH FLORIDA BULLS -17(-120) over Temple Owls-------Well,  South Florida has the Home Revenge so I'll play it.(Win 43-7.........South Florida outgained them by 320 yds and were +4 TO.........Darrius Tice 2TD........Quinton Flowers 2 rsh TDs)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Arizona(Ray) vs San Diego(Lamet) UNDER 7(+110)------Ray has dominated the Padres 3 times and Dinelson........has the Pitcher Revenge against the Diamondbacks,  has been very hard to hit.........and is walking almost 1 every 2 innings.(Lose 13-7.........This is the worst start by Robbie Ray in .........18 starts.  And its the worst start by Lamet in..........16 starts.  What a mystery!  Hunter Renfroe(Crystal Springs, Mississippi) had 3 HRs in this game for the Padres.........and they lost.)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Junis) +107 over Toronto Blue Jays(Anderson)(Win 15-5.........Mike Moustakas 3-4 HR...........Whit Merrifield 3-5, HR)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Shields) +310 over Houston Astros(Peacock)-----Nah,  that's too much;  Astros have clinched..........and Shields,  outside of his walks,  is really not that bad this year.(Lose 4-3.........White Sox only got 4 Hits.........but 3 runs)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

LA RAMS -3 over Washington Redskins-----I'm not at all happy about how the Redskins blew their game last week.   It defies explanation and it SHOULD be me making this bet to support blowing out these clowns.  Rams won big last week getting a +2 TO but for all I'm concerned,  they can get LUCKIER this week as I know Cousins is fucked up and incompetent and the Redskins are not gonna have a good year.(Lose 27-20.........Score is 20-17 with 10:04 left in the 4th.  Rams are behind but their fake punt works and they get to the Redskins 20 yard line.  Then,  10 yard penalty on Rams.....2 incomplete passes by Goff.  Its fucked up.   Rams were -2TO)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS +10(-120) over Pittsburgh Steelers(Lose 26-9)
MINNESOTA VIKINGS +335 over Pittsburgh Steelers------After what John Wolford did on Wake Forest yesterday,  I think you have to bet Bradford today.  Vikings also have Kyle Rudolph,  after Mason Rudolph dominated with 5 TDs on Ok State.(Lose 26-9...........Goddamn it Sam Bradford didn't play,  why didn't I know that?  Keenum 54%)

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +1 over Tennessee Titans-----Jaguars were +4 TO vs Houston and.....some handicappers are against them cuz they're not gonna get that lucky.  I say,  Alex Hornibrook threw 94% yesterday......and I can take Allen Hurns at home today.  In fact, did you see Josh Jackson on Virginia Tech??  5 TD 77%,  a total beatdown---I want Jacksonville.(Lose 37-19...........Have another flood Jacksonville you suck.   Titans were +80 yds and +2 TO why is this score so lopsided?  Bortles 58%.........Fournette only 42 yds.  Suck,  Jaguars suck.)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +6 over New England Patriots(Lose 36-20)
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS +225 over New England Patriots-----New Orleans has the home-off-road-loss and,  I guess,  Adrian Peterson this year.  Have the Saints got their defense good yet?  It'll probably come down to that.  They do have Cameron Jordan.......and we definitely saw Jordan Ellis get a TD and 95yds for Virginia while Jordon Brown got 2 TDs for North Carolina in a 30pt win.......Jordan Montgomery on the Yankees did good..........Jordan Huff!  a TD for Northern Illinois in the upset of Nebraska.  And it seems to me the Saints' colors are similar to Wake Forest's(a 46-10 beatdown on Utah State).(Lose 36-20.........Even TO game.   Saints put up no resistance at home)

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS -4.5 over Philadelphia Eagles--------I saw the end of the Eagles game last week and I'm not happy about how Carson Wentz eluded sacks on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS went he should have gone down.(Win 27-20...........Kareem Hunt 2 TD..........Alex Smith 75%...........Chiefs were +2TO)

OAKLAND RAIDERS -7.5 over Ny Jets teased with Raiders Jets UNDER 49------For now,  it looks like no offense from Jets.(Lose by 16..........Should have just took Oakland -13.5)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Bumgarner) +131 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Greinke)-------FRANKS!  ..........threw the hail-mary TD to win the game for Florida today.  So,  Francisco?  Well,  Arizona is like 8 games ahead of the closest Wild Card contender so while they haven't clinched anything,  it would be hard to imagine them not making the playoffs.  They are on a 4-4 run and Greinke has faced SF twice and Arizona has won both of those games.  Bumgarner has been a statistically good pitcher this year,  like he usually is.  But he is 3-8.  That is,  the Giants have had a horrible season(they are 57-92) and are on a 1-5 run.(Lose 2-0............This team is such shit:  San Francisco gets 2 Hits and 1 Walk in this game)
CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Lopez) -106 over Detroit Tigers(Jaye)-----Tigers have won 2 more games than CWS.(Win 10-4..........Tim Anderson 4-5.............Alen Hanson 2-2, 2BB,,,,,,,,,,,Nicky Delmonico 2-5, HR)
LOUISVILLE CARDINALS +3 over Clemson Tigers--------Home team has 3 years of Revenge motivation.(Lose 47-21..............a twenty-six point loss.   What a sick joke)

PURDUE BOILERMAKERS +7 over Missouri Tigers(Win 35-3)
Purdue vs Missouri UNDER 76----------Illinois disgraces Big Ten yet...........this total is SO high(its like a 37-39 game).  I mean,  if 10 TDs are scored in this game,  it still goes Under.(Win 35-3.........David Blough 78%...........Tario Fuller 90yds TD........Jackson Anthrop TD..........Richie Worship TD...........Purdue +2 TO,  +274 yds)

Friday, September 15, 2017

ILLINOIS FIGHTING ILLINI +17(+120) over South Florida Bulls-----Technically,  since the Kansas City Chiefs beat New England to open NFL season........and since the Cleveland Indians are on a record-breaking winning streak,  the Illini should cover this with ease.  But South Florida didn't play last week,  giving them an effective "Bye".(Lose 47-23...........Illinois looked like a real suck-ass team on all aspects of the game.  Chayce Crouch started at QB for Illinois and threw 44% with 1 INT.  He was replaced by Jeff George jr who threw 2 INTs.   South Florida outgained them by 326yds and was +2 on the Turnover Ratio.)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

MINNESOTA TWINS(Berrios) -133 over Toronto Blue Jays(Anderson)(Win 3-2)
MINNESOTA TWINS(Berrios) -1.5(+142) over Toronto Blue Jays(Anderson)------This line opened at -170.........and I really don't know why it went down so much;  Twins are very much in contention for a WC spot.  This game matters to them.(Lose 3-2........Byron Buxton 2-4 GWHR)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Foltynewicz) +126 over Washington Nationals(Roark)-----Roark is better than Foltynewicz......but Foltynewicz has done ok over his last 3 starts.   Nats clinched, then lost 2 as this line has come down a little.  Roark has faced Atlanta twice,  one time getting rocked.   Yesterday Mike Zunino hit 2 HR for Mariners as Mike Leake got the win so.........we'll go with Mike here.(Lose 5-2...........Braves couldn't hit.  Washington has Adam Lind,  who went 2-3....forgot they had him.  Victor Robles went 2-4 for Nats,  a guy I've never heard of. )

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

BOSTON RED SOX(Rodriguez) -1.5(+115) over Oakland A's(Manaea)(Win 11-1..........Mookie Betts 2HR, 3-5, 6RBI..........Xander Bogaerts 3-3........Dustin Pedroia 3-4..........Chris Young 2-5 and Christian Vazquez 2-4)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) +152 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)-----After a 6-1 run the Nationals have clinched the playoffs.  Gonzalez is harder to hit than ever this year.........but he gives a good number of walks.  Braves have done well twice vs Gonzalez while Teheran has had 2 good and 1 bad vs Washington.  Braves on a 4-2 run.   Impressive 1 walk every 5 innings by Teheran this season.(Win 8-0...........Ozzie Albies 3-5, HR and Freddie Freeman 3-5, HR)

Cincinnati Reds(Stephenson) vs Stl Cardinals(Lynn) UNDER 8.5(-120)-----Stl battling Mil,  Cubs, and Az for pennant or wild card----Lynn has gotten better this year.......Considering how Steven Brault went 2-3 yesterday while shutting out the Brewers in 6 innings,  I'll play Stephenson,  who's been improving,  tho he's walked 43 in 64 innings which is terrible.(Lose 13-4............Stephenson was rocked)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

CLEVELAND BROWNS +10 over Pittsburgh Steelers(Win 21-18)
CLEVELAND BROWNS +375 over Pittsburgh Steelers------just moved from 9 to 10.   Ok,  Browns have Duke Johnson at RB.  Its not just that Duke Catalon had 78 yds for Houston yesterday in a win.  Its the Duke Blue Devils 41-17 win vs Northwestern as a 1-point underdog.  Browns also have Dan Vitale,  after the A's double-Dan beatdowns of the Astros.  Lexington Thomas had 3 TDs for UNLV as they avenged their historic loss to Howard yesterday and the Browns will have Joe Thomas.   Sports Illustrated thinks the Steelers are pretty good.  We'll see.(Lose 21-18.........Kizer was 66%........Duke Johnson got zero rushes...........Even TO game.  Jesse James got 2 TD for Steelers)

WASHINGTON REDSKINS +1(+100)  over Philadelphia Eagles--------Chiefs won----as an underdog see,  you take the Redskins.(Lose 30-17...........I cannot believe this shit:  Its 19-17 in the 4th quarter...........Skins are driving,  about to go ahead and close out the game........and Kirk Cousins does his little fade-away pass to over-the-WRs-head to interception at about THE 5 YARD LINE???  What is that?  Why did that happen?  Totally fuckin anomalous.  You're at home, what the problem?  Just get the TD and win the damn game!!  No,  don't throw it over his head.  Don't throw an interception.)

ARIZONA CARDINALS -2.5 over Detroit Lions--------Amazing double header yesterday where the Oakland A's started Daniel Gossett and Daniel Mengden and won 11-1 and 11-4 for against the favored Houston Astros.  Also,  there was the Duke game where they covered by about 24 points with Daniel Jones,  the QB,  getting about 400 yds between rushing and passing with 4 tds.   Arizona has Karlos Dansby.   And the Lions don't have that name.   Arizona also has Fitzgerald,  with Nick Fitzgerald winning at QB 57-21 for Mississippi State yesterday.    Lions will have a Robinson on both sides of the ball,  it looks like.  And Robinson Cano went 3-4 yesterday.   Lions are at home;  so this small line seems to indicate that no one is sure Arizona will be very good this year(they were 7-8 last year).   So I'll just bet a very small amount here.(Lose 35-23)

Saturday, September 09, 2017

RUTGERS SCARLET KNIGHTS -4.5(-115) over Eastern Michigan Eagles(Lose 16-13........Utter disgrace to Big Ten..........First win ever for Eastern Michigan against a Big Ten team.......Rutgers sucks............Kyle Bolin 45%)

SLOAN STEPHENS +175 over Madison Keys(Win)