Thursday, November 23, 2017

DETROIT LIONS +8.5 over Minnesota Vikings teased with LA CHARGERS +5 over Dallas Cowboys(-115)---------The Detroit Titans won their basketball game yesterday as 13 point underdogs---can't ignore that.  So even tho the Vikings just beat the Rams,  and have the Revenge here,  and are the better team statistically,  and the last time I bet the Lions at home they failed to score a TD.........I think the Lions might be luckier in this game and they rarely lose by much(vs the Saints they lost by 14 in a high scoring game).

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

LA LAKERS -5.5 over Chicago Bulls----ok, the Ball in this game is not the thief,  whose father spoke on CNN last night---a pretty good interview and......CNN should probably hire him to revive its moribund routine.....but ok, that's what LA's got.  And so if this bet doesnt win, LA as we know it.....will.....not be the same;  im sick of the movie industry and media stealing my money...and the predators and child-rapists taking money off my Harry Potter creation.  The arrogance!  The conceit.....the sense of entitlement in these rapists and intellectual-capital thieves!(Win 103-94..........I've never seen a team look as uncoordinated and lacking in ball-skills as the Lakers did actually come back that much and win and cover.   A miracle)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

DETROIT RED WINGS -179 over Colorado Avalanche(Lose 4-3..........Red Wings blow 3-1 lead(and the game) in the last 7 minutes of the 3rd period.   Getting a White mayor sure didn't help this city)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

ARIZONA WILDCATS +3 over Oregon Ducks--------Northwestern Wildcats:  39-0 win as 6.5 pt favorites over Minnesota.   Kansas State Wildcats:  19.5 point underdogs and they are crushing Oklahoma State.   Ergo...................well,  look Morgan Ellison had 2 TDs in a 41-0 blowout for Indiana today;  Arizona has Tony Ellison and they should definitely win this game.(Lose 48-28........Arizona quits in the 2nd half;  4 TD by Royce Freeman for Oregon)

USC TROJANS -14(-118) over Ucla Bruins---------Some might say,  or ask,  How many times does UCLA lose by 14 points?   And the answer is that they've lost their last 4 road games by more than 14 points.  Is this a road game for them?  Technically yes,  but its still LA.   While UCLA has 2 years of Revenge,  USC's coach is Clay Helton and I KNOW..........that the world is shit for what is happening to me........and we should all go with HEL.   And I KNOW that Michigan's coach Jim Harbaugh has utterly failed to design the proper offensive plays by which his players,  by their capabilities, can succeed.............and UCLA's coach is Jim Mora.   This is DESPICABLE what's going on here.  But I KNOW.........that byRON Pringle had 3 TDs today for Kansas State in a truly spectacular road win.  And I KNOW...........that Bennett skowRONek had a TD for Northwestern in ITS 39-0 blowout win so I KNOW............that Ronald Jones better have the fucking game of his life for USC.................because I want UCLA fucking annihilated in this game.  Fuck shit ran ZIP...........goodbye;  blowoutcrush win cover:  total destruction.(Lose 28-23.............USC defense soft as hell.   UCLA outgained them by 84 yds)

ARMY BLACK KNIGHTS +2.5 over North Texas Mean Green----------Shit's really hittin the fan today,  mother fucker.  Isn't it..............inn'it bitch?  I was thinking of taking this,  but NT has the Revenge.  However,  the Central Florida Knights  crushed 45-19 so I'm expecting Army to win this easily.   AHmad Bradshaw is QB and............Alex Hornibrook won today---when I thought he might not---so...........go with the Nazis,  who are dominating everywhere..............except with Iowa.(Lose 52-49..........lose by a half-point.  6 straight wins by Army and then lose here)

TEXAS A&M AGGIES pk (+105) [LIVE] over Mississippi Rebels-------TXAM does have the Revenge here on the road and is a much better team ATS.(Win 31-24...........Derrick Tucker INTTD..........Keith Ford TD.............Nick Starkel 59%)
NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH -18.5(-105) over Navy Midshipman------Ohh,  Notre Dame has the Revenge this year!  Well,  you know the run is coming from Navy----every team should know that yet Navy always scores so many points.   Obviously,  ND has the home-off-road-loss and should be pissed after getting disgraced at Miami.  ND also has Jalen Elliot,  which is good because Elliot Kane had 9 pts for Concordia St Paul last night in a 38.5 point cover as they beat Wisc-Mil as 24.5 underdogs.  Golden Bears,  yeah,  and ND wear gold helmets I think.(Lose 24-17.........Wimbush was 50%............Navy out-1stdowns them by 9;  USC must really suck)

IOWA HAWKEYES -7 over Purdue Boilermakers-------Purdue started out strong this year.............and just got worse,  losing the Rutgers.   Despite the 4 years of Revenge Purdue has,  Iowa has been very strong ATS at home..........and Iowa is at home here,  after losing at Wisconsin.(Lose 24-15.............Iowa LOST THE GAME!   Can't believe this shit----they can blowout Ohio State at home...................and lose to Purdue at home.  Don't understand)

U-LOUISIANA-MONROE WARHAWKS +36.5 over Auburn Tigers------ULM has 10 years of Revenge vs Auburn and is off the bye.   Auburn HAS lost to a Louisiana team(LSU).(Win 42-14)

MICHIGAN +7.5(-120) over Wisconsin-----With Alex Hornibrook at QB for Wisc,  it does look pretty good for them,  after Alex Hobbs got 10pts in Boise State's 18-pt win last night and Ahmed Hill's 6-6 on 3s for Virginia Tech.  And with Hornibrook's hometown,  West Chester,  getting smoked out on Thursday night at the Senior living center,  it might appear Michigan has jumped the gun,  as they say.  And even more,  with Wisconsin's coach being Paul Chryst,  Concordia St Paul's win looks especially critical(it was in fact a 38.5 point cover where a Division II team beat Wisc-Mil in Div I as a 24.5 underdog.) last night while Boise State won with Christian Sengfelder and even Cam Christon getting 1 point------oh,  and Troy Harper had 11 in Drexel's upset victory with Wisconsin having Troy Fumagalli. Paul Miller had 13 for North Dakota State in their upset in at Missouri State so that name is looking good.
    However,  IT WAS A WISCONSIN TEAM that astoundingly lost by double digits as a 24.5 point favorite!   And Concordia St Paul did its feat with Brandon McRoy getting 10!  That's the name of Michigan's QB!  (actually Peters have only thrown for about 110yds/game in his 3 starts and Hornibrook is clearly better,  having thrown for 180yds/game.   While Michigan's fans might be saying,  "Hey look,  Peters can pass!",  has he connected with a real WR,  or just TE's?  And its true that Bryant Crawford was a sorry 1-8 FG for Wake Forest yesterday in a hapless loss,  with Michigan perhaps relying on Kekoa Crawford in this game---which probably won't work.
    With Michigan getting blown out in the 2nd half at the Revenge-having Penn State and losing the fixed MSU game with turnovers,  with MSU also having the Revenge,  it seems Michigan has no chance here as,  yes,  Wisconsin has the home Revenge.   But LOOK AT HOW MANY dead people wanna play football at Michigan!:  First it was that country music guy(Gentry) who went down in a plane in New Jersey.   Just,  like,  yesterday or Thursday,  it was the detective Sean Suite getting shot in the head near Baltimore,  with Michigan other TE being Sean McKeon.    On D,  Michigan has Devin Bush and..........Lavert Hill----13 days after the Sutherland Springs shooting by Devin killed multiple victims named 'Hill'.  (And I've been watching:  the name Devin or Devon has been doing pretty well in sports after that shooting).   So with these defenses being pretty good,  notwithstanding the NUMEROUS hints towards Wisconsin(and remember the staggering Wisc-Mil loss came with August Haas and Bryce Nze playing for them---indicating some "layoff" in the probable Nazi help Wisconsin has been getting---with an AH at QB----while compiling their perfect record),  if you have any respect for the dead in sports or the necro-factor,  I think you have to take these point with M and wooo!
( ...........the resolution to call for a committee within the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents to investigate and consider divesting from companies allegedly involved in Palestinian human rights violations passed for the first time in the University's Ann Arbor campus history. ).........the school has done the right thing,  finally throwing off the Zionist yoke,  getting divested from the genocide corporations that have enabled the Apartheid Oppression State,  and will now have the right to win with impunity.(Lose 24-10............Peters was only 50% when he got semi-pile-driven into the turf.  Michigan defense breaks down in 2nd half just like they did at Penn State.  O'Korn comes in and throws 2-8.   TWO FOR EIGHT,  that is sick.   Hornibrook was only 47% and MICHIGAN STILL LOSES BY 2 TDs!!!!!!.   This team sucks.   Harbaugh's coaching for his job next week)

Friday, November 17, 2017

VCU RAMS +6(-120) [LIVE] over Virginia Cavaliers---------UVA looked like they were having trouble with the 3..........VCU at home.(Lose 76-67..........Fuck)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

LA LAKERS +3(-106) over Philadelphia 76ers-------76ers ridin' high at 9-4 ATS;  let's see if Lakers can win at home.(Lose 115-109..........Joel Embiid really lit this game up with 46pts.....
(POSTED: 11/16/17, 11:59 PM EST
Firefighters battle a blaze at the Barclay Friends Home in West Chester, PA. late Thursday evening. Dozens of residents were evacuated after an explosion and fire destroyed the home. They huddled under blankets as they waited for emergency crews to transfer them to area hospitals.)

.........Impressive;  while NBA bust Lonzo Ball went 1-9 FG and 0-6 on threes........Julius Randle wasn't very good for the Lakers either at 2-12 FG and Brandon Ingram had 26 points)

Monday, November 13, 2017

CLEVELAND CAVALIERS -4.5(-115) over New York Knicks-----Road Revenge for Cleveland.(Lose 104-101.......Cleveland had to win the 4th quarter 43-25 to win this game.  They're very overrated this year----terrible ATS record.)

CAROLINA PANTHERS -8(-108) over Miami Dolphins------Carolina's played New England,  New Orleans,  Lions and Philadelphia.   Dolphins have played New Orleans and Oakland..........and Miami is still so weak!  Sometimes they get shutout.  Like,  Carolina could win this game 13-0,  although they've rarely blown teams out this year---perhaps due to a strong schedule.(Win 45-21)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -6.5(-115) over Denver Broncos--------Denver's horrible.  Terrible team.  The Patriots may have lost some games this year,  but this is cheap:  only -6.5 for Patriots off their bye and they're against suck-team Denver.   I expect a +3 Turnover ratio win for Patriots........after what the incompetent NFL did to me in the Bears game----IT CAN'T BE A FUCKING TOUCHBACK BECAUSE THE BALL WAS NEVER IN THE FUCKING ENDZONE YOU FUCKS!(Win 41-16)
CHICAGO BEARS -4.5(-115) over Green Bay Packers(Lose 23-16)
CHICAGO BEARS +1.5 over Green Bay Packers teased with Bears/Packers OVER 31.5------Both offenses have been weak,  so while I like Chicago,  I don't want to lay too many points.   The Bears have the home in-season Revenge,  the home-off-road-loss and are off a bye.  AND they have HC John Fox. (Lose by 5.5...........Bears were penalized by 40 more yards than Green Bay was.   Not a good performance by Bears but............obviously the Bears should have the ball at the 1-foot line and instead it was called a turnover-touchback.    The ball never went into the endzone to be a touchback should have been 7 more points for the bears)

MINNESOTA VIKINGS -1(-105) over Washington Redskins-----I've tried the skins and they've just not been a good team to bet on this year.   Vikings off the bye.   It wasn't just John Wolford yesterday---Kentucky,  Missouri and Minnesota scored huge victories with players named 'Jonathan' or 'Johnson'.   Here,  the Vikings look to have Tom Johnson on defense.   I don't know,  is Case Keenum ok?   Ok,  (Brownwood, TX)  he's throwing 63.9%. (Win 38-30...........Vikings were +1 TO...........Keenum threw 72% with 4 TD and 2 INTs...........Adam Thielen 166yds TD........Stefon Diggs TD)

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -2 over Buffalo Bills----Drew Lock............kicks ass for Missouri again yesterday...........Saints are rolling.   Bills defense doesn't even look as good as the Saints'.(Win 47-10..........Mark Ingram 3 TDs 131 yds.........Michael Thomas 117yds.........Alvin Kamara TD)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS +10.5 over Pittsburgh Steelers------Amazing Wake Forest set a team record for yards yesterday at 734 with John Wolford rushing for 136yds and accounting for 6 TDs.  The Colts have 2 'John's on defense and we'll go with that,  while the Steelers simply aren't allowing points,  and are off a bye,  and trust Colts OC Rob Chudzinski and Chuck Pagano to come up with some good plays to get points.(Win 20-17...........even TO)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

UCLA BRUINS -3(-105) over Arizona State Sun Devils-----so much shit has happened to me today I'm gonna play this Jew Rosen with the home Revenge.  ASU has lost for me but i don't think UCLA has....yet,  cuz I havent played them.(Win 44-37...........even TO........ASU was +11 yds)
SMU MUSTANGS +2.5(-106) over Navy Midshipmen---------SMU has the Revenge and 2 Davis's........all they have to do is stop the run.(Lose 43-40............559 yards rushing!   559 yards rushing by Navy........and they had to know it was coming.  SMU sucks!!!  Get a game plan,  bitch)

ARKANSAS STATE RED WOLVES -11(-117) over South Alabama Jaguars--------Ark State is off the bye.........and they have shown they can blow out teams on the road.  (Lose 24-19.........Arkansas State loses outright.   4 interceptions thrown by Justice Hansen.   Total disaster.   Epic fail.   S Alabama was +5 TO.  Suck.)
IOWA STATE CYCLONES +7.5 over Oklahoma State Cowboys(Win 49-42)
IOWA STATE CYCLONES +265 over Oklahoma State Cowboys-----ISU's defense must be pretty good as they have beaten Tcu and Oklahoma so......they're a capable team.  Here,  they have 5 years of Revenge vs OSU......and they have the home-off-road-loss.  Cowboys did fail for me last week vs OK.........True,  Justice Hill did fine in that game and true,  something happened after the game(a number of victims in the Texas church shooting turned up with the name Hill on them).   I don't really that may effect this game,  ummm,  but you have to recognize the salience of 5XRevenge at home.(Lose 49-42..........8:38 left in the 4th quarter and Iowa State led 42-34.  Should be able to close from that point.  But by 5:55 left,  the game was tied 42-42............what a waste of a good bet.  Oklahoma State was +1 TO)

MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS +18 over Ohio State Buckeyes------Spartans do have the Revenge here on the road and...........I'm gonna focus on how they've not been blown out besides losing 38-18 vs Notre Dame,  a game in which there were turnover issues.   Ohio State HAS blown out Nebraska,  Maryland,  Rutgers and Indiana and............they do have the home-off-road-loss.  But why would this not be a 'competitive' game?  Both teams have beaten Penn State by 3 points or less.   Huge,  colossal 30+ point-cover upsets yesterday by Texas AM and Indiana State with Brenton Scott(24pts),  Qiydar Davis(13pts) and Tyler Davis(23pts).   MSU has those names covered with Felton Davis and LJ Scott.   Public IS 76% on Michigan State in this I hope that doesn't screw up the Turnover Ratio.(Lose 48-3...........OSU was +329 yards but only +1 TO.   What an absolute disgrace by Michigan State...............I thought they had a pretty decent pass defense----didn't matter.   Perhaps one of the more disgraceful efforts I've ever bet on...........well, OSU passes for 189yds)

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

MIAMI OHIO REDHAWKS -8.5 over Akron Zips-----4 years of Revenge for Miami at home;  yeah I think I trust Billy Bahl even though he's not the starting QB who got hurt.(Win 24-14.......Gus Ragland started at QB.  Miami was +147 yds and  -2TO..........TDs by Kenny Young,  James Gardner and Sam Martin)

Sunday, November 05, 2017

ATLANTA FALCONS -2.5 over Carolina Panthers-----Air Force Falcons got shutout by Army.  However,  the red, black and white SD ST Aztecs crushed,  winning 52-7----so I like Atlanta's colors today.  With Amani Hooker's INTTD 8 seconds into the Iowa beatdown on Ohio State I think Austin Hooper will be unstoppable in this game if they use him right.   And after 4 consecutive failures to cover,  Atlanta is certainly due for a cover.   Carolina is pretty good to have beaten on the road the Lions and Patriots.  And they've only had 3 home games---2 of which they've lost.   Coastal Carolina did almost beat Arkansas as a 24.5 point underdog yesterday.........but they did that with Chris Jones getting a TD---and that name is on Atlanta in this game.(Lose 20-17...........Falcons blow a 10-0 1st quarter lead.  Hooper was targeted 6 times and only caught 3 for 36yds,  which didn't help anything.  Falcons were +25yds and won the TO ratio by 1.............still couldn't win)

DENVER BRONCOS +7(-115) over Philadelphia Eagles-----Bronco Mendenhall.......winning as head coach of Virginia yesterday and............Broncos need improvement off 3 bad non-covering losses.   Eagles seem due for a loss.(Lose 51-23..........Who said Denver had a good defense???  They're wrong.   This game was 31-9 at the half----a total blowout.  Eagles were + 1 TO and +190 yds.  Broncos are a disgrace.  Corey Clement had 2 TD rush,  1 TD receiving for Eagles.......Alshon Jeffrey had 2 TD for Eagles.   Broncos have a shit defense.  Why did I even try this shit?  Osweiler was 50%.  Horrible bet.   This blew my teaser--yeah,  Broncos suck so bad they blew my teaser.)

MIAMI DOLPHINS +3(+105) over Oakland Raiders----It seems that #6 Cutler is in and..6 Caleb Evans was 75% with 3 TD passing and 2 Td rushng for UL-Monroe and 6 Baker Mayfield threw for 598 yds.  I'll take some of that even as Miami's offense sucks and............well,  Oakland is on a 1-5 ATS these teams have problems but we'll try Miami after the Hurricanes scored a big win over Virginia Tech yesterday.(Push 27-24.........Jay Cutler was great at 81% and 3 TDs but Dolphins...........+1 TO at home and they can't do it----Miami can't do it)

ARIZONA CARDINALS -2.5 over San Francisco 49ers------1-6 ATS run for Arizona and it can't get any worse.  But Drew Stanton is in now---an MSU QB......after Michigan State just won.   And Drew Lock dominated for Missouri.    Arizona off the bye,  too!   But........SF has the Revenge and home-off-road-loss.(Win 20-10............Stanton only 50% but 2 TDs to Jaron Brown and Jermain Gresham.......Tyvon Branch 10 solo tckls for Arizona............Peterson rushed for  159yds)

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS -6 over Cincinnati Bengals------Jacksonville home off the bye........when they have a good game they tend to win by a lot.(Win 23-7.........Jacksonville was +250 yds and -1 TO..........Marquise Lee had a TD for them...........Jaydon Mickens had a ret-TD for them)

TENNESSEE TITANS -3(-116) over Baltimore Ravens-------Joe Flacco is off a concussion and Titans are home off a bye.   Not a lot of impressive wins by Tenn----just Seattle,  Jacksonville and Colts.(Push 23-20......Titans were -84yds at home off the bye and were +1 TO............and they still can't cover.  Terrible)

Saturday, November 04, 2017

NORTHWESTERN WILDCATS -2.5(-122) over Nebraska Cornhuskers----NW on the road here but they do have the Revenge.  Nebraska looks like they can beat weak teams but Northwestern,  off wins vs Mich State,  Iowa and Maryland,  looks better than average---definitely better than weak.(Win 31-24)

OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOYS -2(-102) over Oklahoma Sooners-----OK ST has 2 years of Revenge and they are at home..........with Justice Hill,  which looks good with Justin Holiday getting 19pts for the Bulls yesterday.(Lose 62-52...........Justice Hill rushes for 228yds and 2TD and OK State still loses...........because their defense is shit;  Mayfield had 598 passing yds----gotta be some kind of a record)

SYRACUSE ORANGE +7(+100) over Florida State------Syracuse inconsistent with L to Mid Tenn St but a W vs Clemson---strange.  This line opened at -3.5 and went to 7.   Maybe FSU will bounce back from their horrific loss at BC but............Syracuse has multiple years of Revenge motivation here and is off its Bye week.(Win 27-24...............2 missed FG by Syracuse kicked;  they could have won this.  Steve Ishmael TD, 143yds.........Jamal Custis TD...........Syracuse +120 yds,  wow)

Thursday, November 02, 2017

NEW YORK JETS +3(+105) over Buffalo Bills(Win 34-21)
NEW YORK JETS +155 over Buffalo Bills-----Jets are off 3 losses and have the home Revenge;  easy play to make should be easy win after Chris Taylor failed to win the world series.(Win 34-21..........Matt Forte 2 TD..........McCown 70%...........Robby Anderson TD.......Jets were +3 TO)

Sunday, October 29, 2017

DETROIT LIONS +3(-101) over Pittsburgh Steelers-----Lions still haven't done anything really bad;  their loss to Atlanta was basically a 50-50 call on the last play going against them.  They lost to Carolina by 3.  And their loss last week was at the Saints,  who were off their bye week and were expected to do well.   Today,  Lions are off their bye week with the home-off-road-loss.   A lot of them seem to be injured,  but they say Tate is gonna play........and Khalil Tate won for Arizona last night.   Steelers HAVE blown out some teams,  but they've been blown out by Jacksonville and lost at the Bears in OT.   Regardless of injuries,  in this situation,  Lions should be the luckier team.(Lose 20-15.............GET A TD, LIONS!   Lions were close enough,  often enough,  to kick 5 FGs.   All they had to do was GET A TD on one of those drives,  and this bet would have won.   Lions were +90yds,  + 1 TO.   Can't believe they'd do this shit off the bye at home.)

LA DODGERS(Kershaw) -1.5(+142) over Houston Astros(Keuchel))--------pshhh,  Copp-a-feeler HW Bush comes out to help throw the first pitch!   Unbelievably obtuse that the Astros would put a sex predator on the field along with that Jap-hating Cuban.(Lose 13-12........Kershaw.........6 ER and 3 BB in 4innings,  loses the World Series right here.........but these bullpens were total jokes.   Only good pitching I saw in this series was Verlander and Charlie Morton)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

ARIZONA WILDCATS pk over Washington State Cougars------Washington State has beaten USC and Colorado(Arizona has also beaten Colorado).   Arizona's defense sucks and........Falk can really light up a sorry defense.  However,  Arizona has been scoring well and does have the home Revenge. (Win 58-37......Khalil Tate 146yds rushing,  TD,  2 TD passing.......JJ Taylor 2TD..........Jaimie Nunley TD...........Arizona +1 TO)

TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS +21(-119) over Oklahoma Sooners----Texas Tech has beaten Arizona State and Houston and they do have the Revenge here on the road.   Both teams have lost to Iowa State.  Oklahoma has played a number of close games;  they let Baylor score 41pts off them,  they've failed to cover their last 4 games but they have beaten Ohio State.(Lose 49-27......Both teams scored at will until 3 minutes into the 2nd half.   Then Texas Tech just quit for some reason.)

ARIZONA STATE SUN DEVILS +4.5 over Usc Trojans-------Well,  it looks like USC is the better team and has played some good teams see that ASU has 2 years of Revenge here,  at home and..........USC is 1-7 ATS!   That's just.........its pretty hard to do that----be that consistently overrated.   Its the kind of thing that I think should be bet against,  if you can find a favorable aspect on the other side. (Lose 48-17......An Even TO game which means Arizona State really sucks.)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

HOUSTON ASTROS(Verlander) -111 over La Dodgers(Hill)-----Verlander's.........been is some WS's that he didn't win.   This year.....sometime in mid-season he got good and just kept improving.  So you could justify a bet on him just for that reason.   It would be tough for the Astros if they lost both their Keuchel AND Verlander games.   Hill is pretty much a 5 inn starter----gotta respect the mileage he gets out of his stuff(166 K's in 135 innings).   If he doesn't get wild he might do ok.....but probably not for more than 5 innings.  So I do think the Astros have a starting pitcher advantage here,  but its not easy to justify a bet against either of these teams.(Win 7-6...........Game-tying HR Marwin Gonzalez........GWHR  George Springer.   Correa was 3-6, HR)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

LA CHARGERS +1.5(-108) over Denver Broncos----Denver's coach is Vance Joseph.   I don't like that name today.   This is in-season Revenge for Chargers and yes,  this is 'home' for Chargers.   Carson, CA is between Compton and Long Beach----how is that not 'home' for a team with LA on their name?   I don't get that,  what people say,  that the Chargers don't have a home field advantage.  Is it that Chargers just don't have fans?  I don't know,  you know?  If you wanna root for a home team and you live in Los Angeles,  you can go to these games,  right?(Win 21-0)

LA RAMS -3(-120) over Arizona Cardinals------Arizona scores low;  Rams tend to score high.(Win 33-0..........Rams were +1 TO and +230yds..........Goff was 59%)

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -3(-105) over Atlanta Falcons------Falcons are coming off losses to Buffalo and Miami????  AND Boston College covered its line yesterday by 37 points.  For that alone we should give New England a chance here at home,  even though their defense appears to suck this year.(Win 23-7)

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers +5.5(-105) over Dallas Cowboys-------Dallas off 2 losses;  San Francisco off 6 losses.  SF is home off 3 road losses.   Elliott is on Dallas and Elliott is of course an abuser(this might,  I must concede,  help Dallas as the all-time leader in child abuse,  Penn State,  was allowed to win against me yesterday).   But all of 49ers' losses except one have been very close.  It's definitely time for them to have a win,  if they are to win at all this year.   And with the Charlotte 49ers winning as 9.5 underdog yesterday,  today should probably be the day.(Lose 40-10.........2 Fumbles by Beathard,  SF's QB............Dallas was +3 TO)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

INDIANA HOOSIERS +7(-125) over Michigan State Spartans----------MSU is not bad,  but they used up a season's worth of luck vs Michigan and I doubt their ATS record will be good for the rest of the season.(Lose 17-9............Michigan State is leading 10-9 with 5:15 left in the game.  TICK TICK TICK, MOTHER FUCKER.  Just run out the clock and keep the ball.  Ok,  now at 2:55 left Indiana calls a Time Out.   Indiana calls another Time Out at 2:47.   Then Indiana allows a 34-year pass play.   DON'T CALL A FUCKING TIME OUT if you're just gonna allow a fucking 34-yard pass play----GODDAMNit.  Well,  after that,  Michigan State just needed to kneel down and run the clock;   assholes decided to do a running play which,  because the state of Indiana FUCKING SUCKS, turned into an 18-yard touchdown.  What the fuck is this shit?   You knew I had 7 fucking points and was about to win.   What the fuck is this shit?  Huh?   Fucking dogshit faggot kike.   Completely unnecessary......I hope Ohio State beat all you faggot Big 10 teams.  Shit.)