Thursday, August 16, 2018

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Nova) +103 over Chicago Cubs(Lester)-----Leading off for Pirates..........Adam Frazier........and that would be,  let's see,  like Aretha Franklin and............Lester:  gradually and progressively getting worse,  coming off a particularly brutal rocking.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

TAMPA BAY RAYS(Faria) +180 over New York Yankees(Cessa)----Cessa not a great pitcher;  Rays should have a chance to win this game.

Monday, August 13, 2018

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Reid-Foley) -122 over Kansas City Royals(Keller)------Keller has had some nice wins for KC this year but............nobody but me knows what kind of a juggernaut Reid-Foley is.   This is a guy who will dominate MLB for years.   Its in his name.   (You saw how Patrick Reed won the Masters?  Right?).    Source Reader,  by R.E. Voltamor,  one of the greatest books of our current century,  was published on Amazon on December 22nd, 2017.   It was a publication that met the notice of absolutely nobody even though I've engaged it in a massive marketing campaign, which,  sadly,  the Media is suppressing.    I don't know why the Media is afraid of the Truth,  but I can take some guesses. 

Nationals(Milone) vs Cardinals(Mikolas) UNDER 8.5(-101)--------Milone has 18 innings without a walk.   But I can't go against Mikolas,  who rarely loses.   So I'll go Under.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) -102 over Milwaukee Brewers(Miley)------------missed the chance to take Braves yesterday cuz I was too tired.   I'll take 'em today they are gonna get red hot.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Ramirez) +188 over Boston Red Sox(Cuevas)-----------1st MLB start for Cuevas and..........Chris Davis woke up yesterday with an HR..........Trumbo had an HR.   I think Cuevas will be tested.

COLORADO ROCKIES(Freeland) +125 over La Dodgers(Buehler)
BRANDON STONE to win PGA +8500---------Ok,  he's 4 strokes off the lead.  And there are 7 players above him.  Yet he's 85-1 ?   Worth a shot.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

COLORADO ROCKIES(Anderson) +122 over La Dodgers(Stripling)-----Stripling's stats are great,  overall.   But his last 3 starts have been bad and very bad.  See if the Rockies can pay me back.

MINNESOTA TWINS(Berrios) +185 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)-----Indians are 13 games over .500.   Is that why they get these huge prices?   Berrios has been just as unhittable as Kluber.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

LA ANGELS(Heaney) -210 over Tigers(Turner)-----Favorites win!(Win 11-5)

Sunday, August 05, 2018

DETROIT TIGERS(Liriano) +206 over Oakland A's(Cahill)------A's have won 19 more games than the Tigers.  And Liriano has walked way too many;  he can do better.(Lose 6-0)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Ray) -1.5(+120) over San Francisco Giants(Holland)(Lose 3-2)

Saturday, August 04, 2018

STL CARDINALS(Gomber) -101 over Pittsburgh Pirates(Nova)--------Gomber only has 1 start so far but it was good.  Close loss for Stl last night.........this one also looks close.(Win 8-4............Gomber was 4 7 4 3 5 he was not good,  but Cardinals got 14 hits)

MIAMI MARLINS(Urea) +157 over Philadelphia Phillies(Eflin)------I played Eflin recently...........and wasn't happy with the result.   Urea is not always consistent........but the price is big.(Lose 8-3)

NEW YORK METS(Wheeler) +110 over Atlanta Braves(Gausman)(Win 3-0)

Friday, August 03, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Stratton) +197 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Corbin)-----It's hard to believe that Stratton could put something on and outpitch Corbin,  just based on statistics.   But the reality is that yesterday the Giants rocked Arizona's bullpen and got a big underdog win.   So I'd say something is going on.(Lose 6-3)

DETROIT TIGERS(Hardy) +165 over Oakland A's(Anderson)-----Batters have hit .340 off Anderson this season so I can't accept number being as high as it is.  Is Hardy,  like,  bad?  I don't know.(Lose 1-0)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Odorizzi) -1.5(-110) over Kansas City Royals(Fillmyer)(Win 6-4)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Sanchez) +140 over New York Mets(Degrom)-----Obviously,  we know the Mets suck.   The Braves haven't won too much for me.   But Sanchez is not bad.(Win 2-1)

Thursday, August 02, 2018

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Clippard) +132 over Seattle Mariners(Hernandez)-----Jays have outhit and outwalked Seattle this season.   Clippard, of course,  hasn't started for a long, long time.  Hernandez's ERA is higher than in past seasons.(Win 7-3)

MIAMI MARLINS(Lopez) +172 over Philadelphia Phillies(Pivetta)---------Pivetta is -190??!!  No.  He's not that good and he's not getting better.  Hopefully the Marlins can play here.(Lose 5-2)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Cashner) +131 over Texas Rangers(Gallardo)-----Orioles are on a 4-1 run.........rare for such a losing team.   Cashner is not great but he's been improving.  Gallardo is hittable.(Lose 17-8)

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Kingham) +116 over Chicago Cubs(Hamels)-----21ER allowed by Hamels in his last 17 innings.(Lose 9-2)

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

MIAMI MARLINS(Straily) +151 over Atlanta Braves(Allard)------Allard is unknown,  Straily has been doing a pretty good job.  Braves have scored about 81 more runs than Marlins this year.(Lose 11-6...........Straily 3 11 5 1 4..............?   Guy only sucks when I bet on him?   This is disgusting.)

NEW YORK METS(Matz) +165 over Washington Nationals(Roark)-----pitchers seem equal, if not Matz being better and..........Nationals have scored 53 more runs than Mets.   Price is big.(Lose 25-4.........Worst loss in Met's 57-year history.   Matz threw straight to the sweet spot of the bats,   failed to complete an inning.   This means something..........but I'm not sure what.)

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) +140 over Cleveland Indians(Bauer)---------Its hard to go against Bauer this season,  but I think I've got this.(Lose 6-2.........
(July 30, 2018

Minneapolis police officers will not face criminal charges in the fatal shooting of an armed man who yelled “Please don’t shoot me” last month as he ran through an alley, prosecutors said Monday.

Body camera footage of the shooting, made public by the mayor of Minneapolis on Sunday night, showed a chaotic foot chase through a neighborhood that ended with the man, Thurman Blevins, fatally wounded.)
          I TOLD you.............I told you.    And now we have to go to work on this racist state.)

COLORADO ROCKIES(Gray) +107 over Stl Cardinals(Flaherty)----Terrible result put on me yesterday when Matt Carpenter hit the 2-run single vs Rockies.   I'll give this team another chance.  Flaherty is good,  but will he pitch more than 5 innings?(Win 6-3)

Monday, July 30, 2018

COLORADO ROCKIES(Anderson) +125 over Stl Cardinals(Martinez)-------Anderson looks strong and has been improving........I'll take the underdog.(Lose 5-4...........Rockies out hit them 9 to 7.  Rockies were ahead 4-1............bases loaded single by Matt Carpenter in 7th ruined the game.  Fuck that maggot)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Teheran) -1.5(+120) over Miami Marlins(Chen)-------This is a Revenge game for what happened on July 24th.  Braves at home with the Revenge and I can't believe they'd lose for me again.(Win 5-3...........Great save by Minter)

Sunday, July 29, 2018

MINNESOTA TWINS(Berrios) +151 over Boston Red Sox(Eovaldi)(Lose 3-0...........Fuck this cunt State)

PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES(Eflin) +107 over Cincinnati Reds(Castillo)(Lose 4-0.........uhhhgg)

DETROIT TIGERS(Zimmerman) +209 over Cleveland Indians(Kluber)------Kluber's been devolving over his last 5 starts;  I'll take this.(Lose 8-1)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Gausman) +106 over Tampa Bay Rays(Stanek)-----Major wake up by this offense yesterday.   They've been bad for so long........and then a 15-5 win.(Win 11-2)

ATLANTA BRAVES(Fried) +120 over La Dodgers(Wood)------Braves on a 4-8 run here.   I'll step out with Fried here............even though he's only had 3 starts.   We have Markakis I believe.(Lose 5-1...........Braves get only 3 hits.   That is pathetic)

KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Fillmyer) +300 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)(Lose 5-4)
KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Fillmyer) +1.5 (+145) over New York Yankees(Sabathia)-----Yankees are 10-8 when Sabathia has pitched...........extraordinary price,  considering Fillmyer might be pretty good.)(Win 5-4...........Fillmyer's stuff doesn't look good,  but he did ok here...........Brian Flynn lost it giving up 2 ER in 2 innnings)

Friday, July 27, 2018

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Nova) -150 over New York Mets(Vargas)(Win 5-4)
 PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Nova) -1.5(+135) over New York Mets(Vargas)------Pirates had a 10 game win streak and then lost 2 games. Vargas has thrown a very high average this year and I'll go with Pitt at home. (Lose 5-4..........David Freese 3-3,  HR, 5 RBI,  GWRBI)

 COLORADO ROCKIES(Freeland) -115 over Oakland A's(Manaea)-----Col on an 8-2 run at home.(Win 3-1...........Nolan Arenado 2-4 HR)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fiers) +180 over Cleveland Indians(Carrasco)(Lose 8-3)
DETROIT TIGERS(Fiers) +1.5(+105) over Cleveland Indians(Carrasco)------Indians are hitting 16 pts better than Tigers, but I'm not sure Carrasco is that much better than Fiers. Fiers has been improving and this is a home game for Tigers.(Lose 8-3..............a 3-3 game until late........Joe Jimenez came in to lose it for Tigers.................Francisco Lindor had 2 HR)

 KANSAS CITY ROYALS(Keller) +255 over New York Yankees(Sabathia)--------Sabathia not better than Keller and Yankees don't have Judge now. I'll go ahead and take the right-hander.(PPD)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

MINNESOTA TWINS(Gibson) +142 over Boston Red Sox(Johnson)------The fact that Johnson is not that good is reflected in the line. Gibson does have the Pitcher Revenge vs Boston.(Win 2-1............Rodney had 2 outs,  bases loaded and a 3-0 count in the bottom of the 9th.   I thought he'd blow it.    But he threw 3 straight strikes for the K.       Excellent 8 inning start by Gibson)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

SEATTLE MARINERS(Leake) -143 over San Francisco Giants(Holland) (Win 3-2........Jean Segura GWRBI.........Ryon Healy 2-3, HR)

OAKLAND A's(Jackson) -122 over Texas Rangers(Perez)--------A's came back from 8 runs down yesterday.......quite a feat but.......Perez is just as bad as ever this season. (Win 6-5...........Khris Davis 2HR, GWHR...........Lou Trivino got the W and he's 8-1)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Bundy) +185 over Boston Red Sox(Price) (PPD)
BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Bundy) +1.5(+115) over Boston Red Sox(Price)----Price is ok, but not great this year. Orioles are coming off a win, they are at home, and if they could hit a little bit they probably wouldn't be 29-73.(PPD)