Thursday, November 27, 2008

*TEXAS A & M +35.5 over Texas---------This number is screaming "free money"; altho Texas has the revenge, this is Thanksgiving-----not a highly "revenge" charged day. Texas looks to be about 3-2 ATS at home, but have they ever give THIRTY FIVE and a half points? Thats ridiculous for an interstate rivalry.(Lose 49-9. DISGUSTING. That's the word for this Texas team; they've gotta have a view to a cheat somehow. And I dont like cheaters. THIRTY FIVE fucking points and they cover. Unreal)

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -3 over Arizona Cardinals---------Philly has home-off-road loss and looks prime to play up to their potential. Earthy.....Eagles should be in sync with the earth today.(Win 48-20)


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