Sunday, November 09, 2008

BEARS +3(-115) over Titans-----------Weak schedule for Titans so far. They have not faced good teams on the road and there have only been 3 of them. Bears have faced some quality teams and done well vs them (Lose 21-14..........Titans are PRETERNATURALLY potent.....and I think I'm done fading them)

HOUSTON (-135) over Baltimore--------The Texans have always been able to score; throughout most of the season. The Ravens, since October 11th, have gone on a scoring spree well about their heads and capabilities. (hguabrah).....has been jerkin' that fucking left arm too much......That stops today as the Ravens get fucking embarrassed here. Texans have home-off-road-loss (Lose 41-13.........Ravens will pay for this.......well, i guess the Giants got 'em....hope they keep getting screwed)

LIONS +6 over Jacksonville---------Lions have been getting close to winning while Jacksonville, never a very good team in my opinion, seem to be slowing down having just lost to Cincinatti(what's up with that?). Detroit should cover this(Lose 38-14.......Yep, Jax just got slapped for this, the Titans)


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