Sunday, November 30, 2008

CAROLINA PANTHERS +3 over GBP---------Green Bay has home-off-road loss but a lot of injuries. This is good spec vs weakness, as GB's rush defense is weak while Panthers specialize in running. Last game these teams faced each other GB won so Carolina has the revenge. Note that Carolina is coming off a loss...........a loss on TURF. I used to think that grass/turf didnt matter; a silly useless stat. But if you are, say, an "earthy-spirit" and you wanna jump into the do you get in if there's no grass? The Panthers are probably my favorite team, nominally, with DeAngelo Williams, Chris Gamble and DelHomme. "Smaile DeAngelo?" (Win 35-31)

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -4.5 over Cleveland---------Cleveland has ZERO home day-game wins, has just lost Quinn, and I expect more divine punishment of this team and state for the terrible Ohio State victory AND COVER of the 20.5 point line against my home state....and a team I bet alot of money on: Michigan. I want Cleveland, Ohio crippled even further under the increasing redemption of the Colts. (Lose 10-6)

BUFFALO BILLS -6.5 over San Fran----------Bills, I believe, can play well at home in the daytime. And I like their names; Edwards, Lee..........Lynch Mar(b)? So I'll lay a few points for a home team here(Lose 10-3............Buffalo outgains them by 155 yards at home on an even TO ratio; I have NO IDEA how the Bills lose to the 49ers with those stats. NO IDEA)


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