Sunday, November 02, 2008

VIKINGS -5.5 over Houston--------This line's moving.....but you gotta like Minn in a home-off-road-loss, home off Bye situation. Houston has no road wins so far. (Win 28-21)

DENVER -4 over Miami---------Again, home-off-road-loss and Denver is off their bye week. Miami's capable but......maybe a little inconsistent (Lose 26-17.....fuck the broncos; this team is simply cant lose in this situation and be considered a serious team)

CLEVELAND -2.5 over Baltimore----------Home revenge for Browns as Balt beat them earlier this season. Cleveland seems to be improving; well, yeah, they are improving(Lose 37-27.......nice collapse. I cant believe this shyte)

KANSAS CITY +9.5 over Tampa Bay----------Home-off-road-loss for Chiefs. Tampa's ok but they dont always score a lot of points. 9.5 seems a lot here. (Win 30-27)

BUFFALO -5 over Jets---------Home-off-road-loss for Bills. Jets have played mostly at home so far this year while Bills have been on the road most of the time(Lose 26-17)


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