Saturday, January 07, 2017

DETROIT LIONS +9 over Seattle Seahawks(Lose 26-6)
DETROIT LIONS +375 over Seattle Seahawks------Both teams are 8-8 ATS with erratic results.  Seahawks do have a road win over the Patriots.  But that's about it for impressiveness.   It's true that Stafford's finger is injured.........and that has hurt his stats.  And Riddick is still out..........and there are probably some other injuries on the Lions.  But remember:  The Seahawks can get blown out;  look at that 38-10 loss to Green Bay(they did blow out the Rams 24-3 but..........everybody's supposed to blow out the Rams).   Seahawks..........not that much better than the average NFL team.(Lose 26-6..........Losing an Even TO game by 20 points is disgraceful.  Stafford was 56% but there WERE some dropped passes that looked very easy to catch.   However,  this game was 10-6 after the 3rd quarter ended.  So the Lions couldn't have been that bad through most of the game.   But there was no rushing by the Lions,  whereas Thomas Rawls rushed for 161 yds for Seattle.   Very disappointing because I don't think Rawls usually does that?)


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