Sunday, January 08, 2017

GREEN BAY PACKERS -5 over New York Giants-----On..........January 5th,  Curtis Cobb went off big,  scoring 46 pts,  going 9-12 on 3s(obviously a career-high) for Fairfield.  And it looks like Randall Cobb will be playing for Green Bay.  In addition,  Randy Onwuasor had 32pts for Southern Utah on that same day.  On January 6th,  Golden State lost as a 13.5 point favorite to..........Zach Randolph(among others on Memphis) who had 27pts.   And the Packers are gonna have the name 'Randall' on both offense AND defense.  And ohhhhhhh,  what a horrid experience for road underdogs in these NFL playoffs.  However much GB or Rodgers has declined,  the team has proven that it can score;  at least 30 pts scored in each of its last 4 games.   The last time the Giants scored even 20 points was 6 games ago.   Enough indicators point to a blow-out by Green Bay.  Giants would have to be very good on defense and also lucky to avoid that.  And I don't see why the Giants would be luckier than the Packers today.(Win 38-13...........Randall Cobb 3 TDs..........Packers were +2TOs and +40yds)


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