Saturday, January 21, 2017

GEORGIA BULLDOGS +3.5(-115) over Texas AM Aggies(Win 63-62)
GEORGIA BULLDOGS +140 over Texas AM Aggies-----Line just came down,  it looks like,  from 4.5.  Georgia looks like the better team;  they've done pretty well on the road;  they were good vs Florida recently as a double-digit underdog.   Joe Harris had 8 last night in the Brooklyn Nets' beatdown in New Orleans----and Georgia has Jordan Harris.  TXAM has Robert Williams,  a name I can see helping them,  but also DJ Hogg,  a name I can see hurting them today.   So that's a wash;  I'll go with Georgia.(Lose 63-62.......Well,  here's how you lose a 62-53 lead with 2:09 left in the game:
              Foul on Georgia (Wilridge)   1:45 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Frazier) 1:21 left
              Foul on Georgia (Maten) 1:11 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Maten) 1:09
              Foul on Georgia (Parker) 1:03 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Harris) 0:57 left
              Turnover by Georgia (Frazier) 0:36
                         63-62 Texas AM ahead with 0:20..............Really?   No fouls called on Texas AM during those 2 minutes when they're 9 points behind???  Shocking)

BROOKLYN NETS +12 over Charlotte Hornets(Win 112-105)
BROOKLYN NETS +635 over Charlotte Hornets--------Are the Nets now renovated as a team after one colossal win?   Probably not(they are now 9-33).   Charlotte is off 2 big wins at home---they actually have the Revenge here at home vs Nets.  Both offenses are about statistically equal while Hornets are about 12 points better on defense.  These are a lot of points here and if you can score 143 one night,  you probably won't be scoring,  like,  78 the next.(Lose 112-105)

WASHINGTON WIZARDS -105 over Detroit Pistons-----Wizards only 5-13 on the road.  Pistons have the home revenge.........but Wizards too hot to ignore right now.(Lose 113-112.........can't remember if this was +1 for Wizards.   )


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