Thursday, January 26, 2017

RICE OWLS -3.5(-115) over Old Dominion Monarchs----OD has a good defense but Rice's offense is much better.   Apparently OD shut Rice down in the first meeting this year,  giving Rice the home Revenge here.  St John's win came yesterday----as an underdog----with Marcus LoVett getting 26 pts for the Red Storm.   Marcus Marshall scored 18 pts for Nevada yesterday in a 76-57 win for the Wolfpack over Boise State.   So I would consider Marcus a reasonable hot name right here.  And Rice has 2 Marcus's and a Marquez;  they're loaded with that name.(Lose 80-72...........Can't believe I lost to "Stith"----what kind of name is that?  BJ Stith 12pts,  Brandan Stith 18pts...........Rice was better on 3s and Free Throws..........strange.)

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES -3.5(-112) over Indiana Hoosiers-----The situation with Michigan basketball is bad;  Michigan is 6-11 ATS and 0-5 SU on the road(they are at home in this game).   They did play pretty good teams on the road,  including UCLA,  but still:  0-5 on the road.  Indiana's offense is about 10 points better.   Perhaps Michigan is still being overrated by the lines.  But Michigan has covered their last 2 and........if they don't win this,  they're probably not going to the March Madness tournament.  (Win 90-60)

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT LIONS -6.5 over Pacific Tigers-----LMU is sub .500 but this is a game they can and should win.  LMU has the home-off-road-loss.  Pacific has won only 1 less game than LMU.  But LMU knows how to cover.(Lose 79-73...........Lost by half-point, damn.   Brandon Brown had 21pts  for LMU............but only 1-4 on Free Throws.   LMU was 68% on FTs)


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