Thursday, April 28, 2016

PITTSBURGH PIRATES(Nicasio) +100 over Colorado Rockies(Chatwood)----Charlotte won yesterday with Nicholas Batum getting 8pts.  Nicolino.......for the Marlins,  throwing a 7inn 2-hitter for the win at +150.  And then you had Nick Tropeano getting a 4-2 for the Angels over the Royals(I think this was because Phil Knight was on CNBC yesterday, but I didn't see it).  And here you have Nicasio.(PPD)

LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Maeda) -123 over Miami Marlins(Fernandez)(Lose 5-3)
LOS ANGELES DODGERS(Maeda) -1.5(+180) over Miami Marlins(Fernandez)----Fernandez has not been a lock to have a good start this season.  But Maeda has been.(Lose 5-3......Even though Maeda had never allowed more than 1ER in a game(and allowed 4ER in this one),  a Marlins player using synthetic testosterone and clostebol got the game-tying RBI in this game in the 7th.   There's a lot of Moral Hazard in MLB especially after it banned gambling and tobacco.   Can MLB say Joe Jackson ever used "synthetic testosterone"?   No,  yet MLB feels it has the Moral Authority to ban Jackson from the Hall of Fame.  Trust me,  MLB has NO Moral Authority after Mark Mcgwuire and Barry Bonds were permitted to break records.  Do I get my money back for this fixed game? No.  Having said that,  I think the Dodgers are a problem for us.)

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(De La Rosa) +102 over St Louis Cardinals(Wacha)----Arizona hitters not too bad here,  with most of them hitting just a little below .300----you also got Nick Ahmed with AZ.   De La Rosa off a good start.(Win 3-0.........10 K's by De La Rosa.....HR by Brandon Drury and Chris Hermann)

ORIOLES(Wilson) -136 over White Sox(Danks)------Baltimore's offense has fallen a bit.  But look at this:  White Sox are 16-6 with a DH hitting .190 and a #3 hitter hitting .190........that White Sox record has to correct with such a dysfunctional offense.   Danks?  Pshhhhhew,  he's no Chris Sale.(Win 10-2.........Manny Machado 5RBI, GS............Chris Davis 2-4, HR)


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