Saturday, April 16, 2016

COLORADO ROCKIES(Bergman) +275 over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)(Lose 6-2)
COLORADO ROCKIES(Bergman) +1.5(+100) over Chicago Cubs(Arrieta)-----Cubs are 8-2 but most of them are not hitting for high averages and.........they have the most overrated pitcher in baseball going today.   Rockies,  on the other hand,  DO have a good offense and,  aside from Chris Carter going 2-3 yesterday and Chris Sale pitching a CG 2-hitter and Christian Vasquez going 2-4 for Boston,  you saw Chris Iannetta going 3-3 w/HR for the Mariners.   And while it looks like Colorado will have Cristhian Adames in the lineup,  we can announce The BCLI Christian Game of the Year.  BCLI Game of the Year!  on the Rockies,  this game is not gonna be can put anything you want on it.(Lose 6-2.........What's new?  The world chooses 6 more months of terror for itself.  You know..............Arrieta should not be that hard to hit----the actual pitches he's throwing are NOT THAT HARD TO HIT.   Ok,  Here's what he does:  He gets his left shoulder out there just before he releases.   That "hides the ball" well by creating a difficulty for the eye in picking up the ball quickly.   DON'T LOOK AT HIS shoulder,  its right near his release point,  but don't look at it.  Look above it and to the left:  away from his body,  away from the release point.........and try to pick up the ball with your eyes coming in toward him and DOWN.  You wanna pick up the ball.......not his shoulder.    Its gotta be that----his pitches themselves are not that special.  Ok?  I can't believe this shit:  don't let it happen again.)

WHITE SOX(Danks) +130 over Rays(Ramirez)-----Neither of these teams can hit.  But with Jonathan Schoop going 3-4 with 2HR yesterday,  we'll play on Johnny Danks,  who was rocked last start.(Lose 7-2.......How is Danks still in MLB ?  And how did he ever get there in the first place?  White Sox well on their way to being the worst offense in baseball this year.)

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Cashner) -101 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Miller)-----Miller's allowed 10 ER in his first 11innings.  Cashner hasn't done much better.  But,  with Padres at 3-8,  they need to pick it.........and they should do that here at home.(Win 5-3.........Melvin Upton 3-7 + GWHR........Will Myers 4-7)

OAKLAND A'S(Gray) -142 over Kansas City Royals(Young)(Win 5-3)
OAKLAND A'S(Gray) -1.5(+155) over Kansas City Royals(Young)----Gray has always been hard to hit and has never really had much of a problem with walks.   At 4-7,  Oakland should see this game as one they should win----with an "ace" pitcher----even though they are projected to be well below .500 and..........their offense has been weak,  but not extremely bad.   Royals are 8-2 now.   So I can see them at a point where they can acquire some losses.(Win 5-3.........Stephen Vogt 2-4, HR.......Josh Phegley 2-4)

Toronto Blue Jays(Estrada) vs Boston Red Sox(Price) OVER 8(+105)-----Red Sox have the Team Revenge against Estrada.  I like the Blue Jays offense today in a day game at Fenway Park.  Price........hasn't done good yet.(Lose 4-2......Let's look at this shit:  From the 5th thru 9th innings no runs were scored in this game!  Toronto was shut down by Gavin Floyd and Brett Cecil ?!?  I needed 2 run in the last 5innings to save my money;  I got ZERO.)


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