Saturday, April 30, 2016

TORONTO BLUE JAYS(Happ) +115 over Tampa Bay Rays(Archer)----Toronto hitting .237,  still well below their offensive potential with Tulowitski hitting .177.   Tampa Bay is hitting .222---worst in baseball---and they've scored 25 fewer runs than Toronto has.   Archer has had 1 good win,  his last start,  2 rockings and a couple other mediocre games.  Happ seems to have been more consistent this year and...........Robbie Ray got rocked by the Rockies yesterday.(Lose 4-3........Archer allows only 1 hit in 6inn.   Logan Forsythe 3-3, HR for Tampa......Brett Cecil takes the L late for Toronto.  GWRBI Curt Casali.)

METS(Degrom) over Giants(Cain) parlayed with DODGERS(Stripling) -1.5 over Padres(Rea) parlayed with DIAMONDBACKS(Greinke) over Rockies(Rusin) +410-----Giants have scored 18 more runs than Mets have and are hitting 15pts higher but Cain.........hittable.  LAD hitting 5 points higher than Padres and Rea's been wild and hittable. your pay-grade....could you please stop getting rocked.(Lose 5-2 and 5-2........Rusin dominates Arizona..........Greinke allows 2ER in 7innings............Stripling rocked;  Dodgers get 4 TOTAL HITS FOR ME.  That sucks;  Dodgers suck)

OAKLAND A's(Hahn) -113 over Houston Astros(Devenski)-----Going forward,  there's no guarantee the Astros' winning percentage will remain at 30%.  But Hahn was a good MLB pitcher last year.  We don't know about Devenski.(Win 2-0)


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