Thursday, April 07, 2016

CHARL SCHWARTZEL +600 Top 5 Finish in Masters(Lose........76 76)
CHARL SCHWARTZEL +2500 1st Round Leader in Masters-----Carlos Correa 4-5 2HR for Astros and Carlos Beltran 2-4, HR in the Astros-Yankees game yesterday while Carlos Santana was 2-3 w/ HR for Indians.(Lose........shot 76 on the first day which was 10 off the lead.  A pathetic performance by Charl,  who went on to miss the cut.  But CHARLton did NOT miss the cut in Seattle.......
(APRIL 11, 2016 
Authorities have since identified the woman’s date as John Robert Charlton........

Authorities made the ghastly discovery of the mother’s remains, cut up and ‘fresh’, including Ingrid Lyne’s foot in a recycling container in a neighborhood about 2.7 miles away from Safeco Stadium.

Authorities were able to identify Lyne because one of the body parts discovered in the Central District receptacle was a head.)


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