Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Houston Astros(Feldman) vs Cleveland Indians(Carrasco) OVER 8(-115)-----How much run support will Scott Feldman get today with.............OMG,   Astros have GATtis now!   Gattis.  Evan Gattis.  Oh,  man, Feldman is going against an Indians offense....that has 2 batters named 'Michael'?   Ohhhh......well,   its a little early in the season for the BCLI NORTH CHARLESTON BACK-SHOOT TASER-PLANT TOTAL OF THE YEAR...but I think this game could feature multiple HBPs,  BC-brawls and ejections,  as well as plenty of hits.(Lose 2-0......Let me tell you something:  Houston is gonna SUCK this year.  Offensively,  look at this:   Their #3 hitter is Luis Valbuena,  an undisciplined swing-at-anything hackers who had 3 K's in this game.  The 3-slot is supposed to be for your best hitter.  Valbuena?  Pshhhh.  Astros will suck.   Gattis,  actually,  had 4 K's in this game.   Totally pathetic.  The surprisingly feeble Indians offense too.........didn't expect that.)

METS(Degrom) +128 over Nationals(Zimmerman)(Lose 2-1)

PHILLIES(Harang) +128 over Red Sox(Porcello)-----Buchholz was awesome against Phillies last game.  We'll give Phillies another chance.(Win 4-2...........Francoeur 2-4 HR)


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