Sunday, April 05, 2015

STL CARDINALS(Wainwright) -103 over Chicago Cubs(Lester)----Cubs 73-89 last year:  not the worst in baseball,  but leaving ample room for improvement.   They pick up Lester,  who'll have a $15 million salary this year----just $3 million more than Wainwright's.   And...........the new manager is Joe Maddon?  From the Devil Rays?  While GTA 5 does have a cool character named 'Lester',  and its possible the Cubs' pick-up might work for them for that reason,  I've always felt that Lester was the type of pitcher who was waiting to be "found out" by hitters,  making him,  when that time arrives,  much more ineffective and hittable(just don't swing at the low slider).   So I'll take the red Cardinals after the Wisconsin win.(Win 3-0........Jason Heyward 3-5.....Matt Holliday 2-4....John Jay walks by Wainwright.)


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