Thursday, April 23, 2015

WHITE SOX(Sale) -152 over Royals(Ventura)(Lose 3-2)
WHITE SOX(Sale) -1.5(+155) over Royals(Ventura)-------It's not just that CWS have 2 players named Adam who both had multi-hit games yesterday,  its that Matt Adams was 2-5 w/HR yesterday for Cardinals,  Adam Warren got enormous run-support yesterday for the Yankees including an incredible 6 runs in what turned out to be a 10-run 1st inning while Adam Ottavino came in for 1 inning of work in the 9th and got the W for Colorado.   While Ventura,  implicated in the HBP scandal targeting Lawrie which suspended Herrera,  doesn't seem to be a "long lasting" SP,  Sale can often pitch CG's and get into the late innings.   While this price is kind of high to be going against an 11-4 team like the Royals are now,  Chris Carter was 2-4 w/HR yesterday putting his average up at .122,  Chris Young was 3-6 for Yankees and Chris Owings was 2-4 w/HR for Arizona while Sale's first name is,  of course,  Chris.(Lose 3-2.........More pathetic failure by the White Sox;  Avisail Garcia 5 LOB going 1-6 like LaRoche who left 4 on base.   Waste your best pitcher like that in a home game..........At least there was a brawl.)


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