Saturday, December 28, 2013

MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +7 over Kansas State Wildcats(Lose31-14)
MICHIGAN WOLVERINES +230 over Kansas State Wildcats-----You will not see a lineman's # like 98 at QB for Michigan in this game and ohhhhhhhh,  there's gonna be some value unlocked in this team.  What did you think was gonna happen to Gardner when you put 98 on him?  That he was gonna stealthily evade tackles and not get hurt?   And Michigan's defense is not as bad as it looks statistically;  they've just had lapses between largely solid play which they will not have in this game.   Oh,  you think you're gonna bet K-State because Morris and Miami just got annihilated?  Problem is,  the Morris on Michigan isn't named Stephen.   And, of course,  you do remember what Victorino did for the Red Sox in the post-season,  right?(Lose 31-14...........Easily the worst bet I've ever made in my life.  DESPICABLE........and largely because Michigan's defense SUCKED.  They fucking SUCK!  I could not believe this shit.   They allow Jake Waters to throw 77.8% against them.  Michigan's new QB threw 63%,  which isn't bad.  The problem is that he was also MICHIGAN'S LEADER RUSHER IN THIS GAME!  That's pathetic;  he rushed for 43 yards.  Seriously,  what the fuck?   Can't believe I got suckered into this:  WHY THE FUCK IS MICHIGAN IN A BOWL GAME??????   Michigan was 3-5 in its own conference.   That was good enough for 8th place in the 12-team Big Ten measured by conference record.  Michigan lost to Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State,  Nebraska and Iowa.   This pitiful failure against K-State is perfect evidence that Michigan did not "earn" its way into this---or any---Bowl game and should not have been playing in it.   End "affirmative action" for Michigan in Bowl games.)


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