Sunday, December 01, 2013

MINNESOTA VIKINGS pk over Chicago Bears------The BCLI CHRISTIAN the viKING GAME OF THE YEAR has finally arrived.   With Christian Hackenburg throwing 70% and getting 4TD yesterday to lead---not the Nittany bears but----The Nittany LIONS to a 31-24 victory over Wisconsin(and yes,  Wisconsin was favored by 25 points in that game) and the latest miracle-ending to an Auburn game seeing the ball in the hands of CHRIS Davis on the 100-yard+ return,  there can be no doubt about this GOY with Viking Christian Ponder at QB.  Vikings also have the in-season home revenge here.    And if you're wondering about how Iowa beat Nebraska on the road by 21 points two days ago,  and you think it might have something to do with Iowa having Jake RudOCK at QB,  rest assured that the Vikings have Peterson for this GOY blow-out winner.(Win 23-20........With Ponder not making it past his brutalization in the 1st half,  this Christ the King GOY flipped to a kind of Afro-American Gangsta-Lit GOY as Ellison was clearly not playing for the Vikings and Jarius Wright had to right the ship.........Adrian Peterson 211 yds rushing.)

TENNESSEE TITANS +3.5 over Indianapolis Colts-----These teams plays 2 weeks ago........and so the Titans have the revenge here today.   Some might say that the Colts are too good of a team to lose for a 3rd time here today in a stretch of 4 games.   However,  we must consider how the Detroit Titans won yesterday as a 9-point underdog in South Florida.(Lose 22-14........3 INTs and a fumble by Ryan Fitzpatrick.......Colts win the TO ratio by 3)


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