Sunday, March 24, 2013

FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES +7.5 over San Diego State Aztecs(Win 81-71)
FLORIDA GULF COAST EAGLES +290 over San Diego State Aztecs-----Obviously,  you're pretty decent if you can beat Georgetown......but FGC also beat Mercer twice.  (Mercer,  a team that beat Tennessee).   Can't-beat-the-Ivy-League New Mexico has beaten SD ST twice..........I don't think they should be favored like this.(Win 81-71........Thompson 23pts,  Brown 17pts,  Brett Comer 14assists)

MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHERS +8 over Florida Gators---------
(According to Zanic, Kenneth Ayers, known as Robbie, was under a protection from abuse order that prohibited contact with his wife.
Yet he was permitted to visit his son at the mother's house on Saturdays.
Police said a physical altercation occurred between Kenneth and Hollie Ayers. He pulled a .40-caliber handgun and shot her in each leg and the right arm, and then, police said, he grabbed the 2-year-old, intentionally killing him. He placed the boy in the back of his car, at which point the wounded Hollie Ayers retrieved the boy's body. That's when he shot her in the face and shot at his mother.)    What the fuck are you fucking piece of shit?   Sorry Florida but you are fucked.(Lose 78-64........well,  Michael from SAC Capital has finally been brought to justice so.......this shouldn't happen again.)


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