Saturday, March 02, 2013

TENNESSEE -1.5 over Georgia--------I'm gonna give Georgia ONE more chance to lose for me----Tenn,  which has the revenge here on the road,  DOES seem to care about converting the revenge(looking at the 30pt W Kentucky game).   Georgia is on a 9-1 ATS run while going 6-4 SU and they have the home-off-road-loss.   However,  they just don't look as good with massive losses to Florida and L's to Ark, Alabama and Mississippi St.  (Lose 78-68.........How do you do this?   How do you fucking beat Kentucky by 30 and then you can't convert the revenge against Georgia?   Trae Golden 1-10??  He lost this game.   Skylar McBee 1-8---despicable----and we'll be yanking ALL trap-door sink-holes in Rutledge, TN.  FUCK THIS SHIT.)

GEORGE MASON +2 over Delaware-------GM has the +ATS and the revenge.(Lose 82-77.....Corey Edwards 0pts.  Thanks, pussies.  Fucking kikes)

BROWN BEARS +7 over Columbia Lions------Can Brown do it again like last night?  Well,  Columbia has the home revenge but has only won 3 of their last 10 games by more than 7 points.(Win 61-58)

GEORGIA SOUTHERN EAGLES +19.5 over Davidson-----Davidson has the home revenge but.......Georgia Southern beat them by 13 points!   This line says 19.5 points.   GS has lost only 3 games by 19 or more points.(Lose 83-48.........One of the worst, WORST losses I've ever been disgraced and dishonored by:  The Georgia Southern bitch-fags.   Eric Ferguson, Statesboro, GA,  1-10,  absolutely sick,  disgusting.  A non-pareil failure.  He fucking threw the game.  Cleon Roberts WHAT THE FUCK?  1-7, 0-4 on 3ptrs?   Sink-hole Miami, Florida..........I cannot believe how bad this loss was.  In fact,  the state of fucking Georgia---find all the sink-holes in that place.)

TEXAS SAN ANTONIO -4 over Seattle parlayed with VANDERBILT COMMODORES -1.5 over Auburn(Lose 53-37.......San Antonio Spurs can beat Sacramento by 28pts the day before this,  and UTSA can throw this game when I bet on them?  How the fuck is that permitted?  The worst, most pathetic performance of all time by Michael Hale III,  Federal Way, WA,  1 for 11,  0-4 on 3ptrs.  An absolute ABOMINATION of incompetence,  failure and corruption.   Jordan Sims 0-6, 0pts.   A vile and putrefacted disgrace.)


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