Thursday, March 07, 2013

CAL IRVINE ANTEATERS +5.5 over Pacific(Lose 70-62)
CAL IRVINE ANTEATERS +200 over Pacific--------Pacific has the home revenge and we know THAT doesn't help this year.(Lose 70-62..........Fuck these Blackguard Frauds!  Michael Wilder 2-7, 1-6 on 3s,  Long Beach, CA:  Fucking pathetic---we TEAR UP Long Beach!   Daman Starring 3-10, 0-4 so we're gonna hit Las Vegas AGAIN.   Fuck Pacific,  I don't want that shit.  I want war right fucking now.  Fucking pussy-cunt-phaggots)

PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +5 over Northwestern(Win 66-59)
PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS +190 over Northwestern----I know the Villanova Wildcats won off the Lion-kill in Cali.......but that was a LION, see?  Not just any wild cat,  but a Lion.(Win 66-59.......DJ Newbill 18pts.....Jermaine Marshall 18pts)


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