Wednesday, March 06, 2013

GEORGETOWN pk over Villanova-------One cannot possibly respect any team that has lost to the PATHETIC SETON HALL PIRATES.  (And Villanova is one of those non-respectable teams).   Georgetown is a solid,  good team and,  while I can't think of a reason why either team may get lucky today,   I can't possibly fathom Georgetown losing to a team that lost to the feeble, incompetent,  corrupt,  game-throwing SETON HALL PIRATES.(Lose 67-57............Georgetown was ranked #5;  the only way this makes sense is Villanova being the Wildcats and........what happened in Cathaven in California(it was a Lion-kill)........and I keep forgetting----due to the Mass Moral Hazard in America that nobody seems to GIVE A DAMN about-------Killers win now.)

TORONTO RAPTORS -1 over Phoenix Suns------Toronto has taken some tough losses---they're not winning,  but almost------but Phoenix has too many injuries and players who are OUT or may be OUT.(Win 98-71)


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