Sunday, October 07, 2012

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +6 over Chicago Bears(Lose 41-3)
JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS +200 over Chicago Bears-----Mike Mularkey at HC for Jax the day after Mike Glennon's heroic 3-straight 4th down conversions to save the game in Raleigh for the Wolfpack.   I understand,  most people would not make this bet seeing the Jaguars' record of patheticness.   But all can agree that the Bears got phenomenally lucky in their last game and,  like that,  they're averaging an almost 2 TO win per game.   Went with the double-B with the Bills last week.  Didn't work.   We'll try the double-B with GaBBert here(he's not really that bad, is he?)(Lose 41-3..........Another tragic 2nd half collapse in Florida this weekend(Bundy's boys are gonna have to put a hurtin' on that state til it starts polling for Romney).  Jacksonville GM "Gene Smith"--closer to Geno Smith than Lovie Smith----but it obviously doesn't work:  Jaguars are the worst football team in America,  Gabbert 51%,  Bears win another TO ratio.)

TENNESSEE TITANS +6(-115) over Vikings(Lose 30-7)
TENNESSEE TITANS +210 over Vikings(Lose 30-7...........Horrible pick.  I thought Tennessee was bad......but then they beat the Lions.  Now,  its obvious that they suck.   But Minnesota is ok;  I shouldn't have gone against them.)

GIANTS(Bumgarner) -144 over Reds(Arroyo)(Lose 9-0.........Get the Giants out of this post-season!  Why are they even here?  I thought it'd be the Dodgers.   Lincecum sucks this are the Giants here?  We got them the WS in 2010.......Sabean didn't pay me shit.   Ingrate motherfuckers---how are they fucking in the playoffs?)

NATIONALS(Gonzalez) -115 over Cardinals(Wainwright)----Gio Bernhard ran for 262 yards yesterday and...........I don't think the Braves fans appreciated the Cardinals recent luck.(Win 3-2.........Tyler Moore GWRBI)


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