Thursday, October 11, 2012

OAKLAND A'S(Parker) +125 over Tigers(Verlander)----$100 bet on every A's game this year would have won you $3854 and the A's are the Top Money Team in baseball;  no other team would have made you more money.   And BCLI is playing Moneyball today.  (Tigers didn't even have a winning record on the road this year.)(Lose 6-0..........A's weak offense finally hurts them;  they couldn't hit Verlander)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Saunders) +150 over Yankees(Hughes)-----Orioles on the road here and they have been BY FAR the best Money Team on the road;  $100 bet on the Orioles in all of their road games would have won you $2628.   And,  overall,  the Orioles have been the 2nd best Money Team in baseball this year.   I've seen enough S's to go with Saunders.(Win 2-1...........JJ Hardy GWRBI)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Detwiler) +104 over Cardinals(Lohse)----I can see that they want Kozma deep in the post-season,  but I don't think this is the day the Nationals go out.   Nats are a low-ball hitting team and,  considering that low-stuff is all that Lohse throws,  they'll have plenty of chances to hit.   (This is reflected in the fact that Lohse has been rocked both times he's faced the Nationals)   Planning to deprive Strasburg of even 1 post-season start was not the right move(wow, Jackson really got rocked yesterday) but..........maybe they'll give him one later.(Win 2-1........GWHR Jason Werth.........)


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