Saturday, October 06, 2012

LOUISIANA STATE TIGERS -2.5(-115) over Florida Gators------LSU has the revenge have to wonder,  with "12 separate car crashes" involving "47 vehicles" near Sarasota, Florida yesterday,  would the name of LSU's coach........take on admonitory meaning a suggestion of........"odometer moderation"?   Well,  LSU on the road but their blowout of Washington was legit on an even TO ratio----Florida's been getting slightly luckier with turnovers.(Lose 14-6....No--Lsu did not have the revenge;  can't believe I mis-read that shit.   Florida had the home revenge and.......this is what happens when you go against the revenge.  LSU was also RANKED higher than Fla.  Should have considered that.   Mike Gillislee 2 TD)

AUBURN TIGERS -7(-115) over Arkansas-----Wow,  this is home revenge for Auburn and they are off the bye.   And 0-5 ATS its clearly not their year.  The state.......produced the most immoral president in history.......put the West Memphis 3 in jail for what?  18 years?  (Can you believe they made 'em cop a plea?  Just to get out.)   A colossal injustice and..........should probably just give that state to Mexico,  you know?    True,  Auburn's QB is from Arkansas.  But Auburn does have a Blake,  echoing the divine Blake Beavan's great win for the Mariners on the last day of the season.......and Blake Bortles' 71% as QB for UCF the day after.(Lose 24-7.....Auburn's offense sucks.  NOW........I know that.   If Leslie Frazier is still coach of the Vikings,  I'm going after them because this QB Kiehl Frazier was pathetic.   The guy should not be playing QB in an offense that's planning to do any passing(and, of course,  he held the ball too much and got sacked).)

VIRGINIA CAVALIERS +1.5 over Duke-----UVA does have Perry Jones(the day after Chipper threw his team's season into right field) and Duke does have the home revenge.   However,  Virginia has been losing TO ratios by a lot and,  if they come equal one of these games,  some "hidden value" could be unlocked for them.   Dan Johnson---didja see that?----3 HR in a game on the last day of the season.........UVA has Darius Jennings.   Duke got a big +3TO gift in their last game beating Wake Forest and........Renfree is Questionable;  Duke should be tested here.(Lose 42-17......Virginia drops another TO ratio and they have some deep, mysterious problem that ain't going away.   At least I knew I was going against the revenge here.)

CLEMSON TIGERS -11 over Georgia Tech------Clemson with the home revenge;  GT coming off 2 suspiciously huge non-cover losses.(Win 47-31)


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