Saturday, October 13, 2012

DUKE BLUE DEVILS +9.5 over Virginia Tech Hokies-----Duke does have the revenge here on the road and with Daniel Descalso's 3-5 w/HR + game tying RBI......the Double-D is LIVE !(Lose 41-20.....What the FUCK is this shit?  You give up a 20-0 lead with 41 unanswered points to V-Tech?  I lost $62.70 on this, bitch.   #4 JC Coleman 2TD 183yds---where the fuck did this guy come from?(You remember this fucking 4 in on Kevin Kolb today, right?).   At least fucking keep the game close.)

UCLA -9.5 over Utah-----UCLA has home-off-road-loss and the revenge.(Lose 21-14........Oh,  another 9 1/2 point line;  another fucking loss for me?  You don't know who you're fucking with do you?  Lemme tell you motherfuckers something:   {Hagrid was there to take them down to the fleet of boats that sailed across the lake;  they were boarding the Hogwarts Express;  talking and laughing as the countryside became greener and tidier;  eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans as they sped past Muggle towns;  pulling off their wizard robes and putting on jackets and coats; pulling into PLATFORM NINE AND THREE-QUARTERS at King's Cross station. }----Harry Potter and the Socereror's Balls    
  It wasn't wasn't YOU in the hospital for 9 and 3/4 FUCKING weeks in 19-FUCKING-89 trying to figure some fucking way to jack off YOUR 9.75 inch serpent to save YOUR fucking life with your mom sleeping on the couch 4 feet from your bed---No,  that was MY discomfort.   So when this HARRY POTTER shit makes SOMEONE ELSE 10 billion FUCKING dollars and THEY don't fucking pay me SHIT,  then...........THEN I own fucking everything,  FUCKING EVERYTHING between 9 and fucking 10.   Capisce, motherfucker?   And if Los Angeles is not RIPPED TO FUCKING SHREDS and bounced off into the Pac-O,  compliments of deadbeat motherfucking Warner Brothers,  in a fucking TECTONIC EXPLOSION in the next 5 days,  trust me:  It will be if I EVER, EVER fucking lose on a 9.5 point line again in my fucking intellectual-property-ripped-off life.   Steven Manfro, #33, Castaic, CA, fumbles a punt into an instant Utah TD.   $53 loss for me I can't believe this shit.)

WYOMING +3 over Air Force parlayed with OREGON STATE BEAVERS +7 over Byu(Win 28-27 and 42-24...........Listen, it like Wyoming.   Wyoming wanted to throw the game away--and they did---but they didn't THROW THE SPREAD AWAY.   See?  Fuckin do it that way.)


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