Monday, April 09, 2012

OAKLAND A's(Milone) -111 over Kansas City Royals(Mendoza)-----Wade Miley picking up the W for Arizona yesterday as Joe Hammel, from GREENville, SC, pitches the best game of his career for the Orioles and......the Masters' winner, Bubba Watson, IS endorsed by watch-maker Richard Mille. Of course, Alex Avila had the GWHR for the Tigers yesterday also so.........I'll go with the A's at home here.(Win 1-0.........Kurtz-Suzuki 3-3 but this A's offense looks very lame.......try to take some unders with 'em)

BALTIMORE ORIOLES(Matusz) +135 over New York Yankees(Nova)----Well, one of the hottest hitters in baseball IS Markakis and, with Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira and Swisher still starting, the NYY looking a little tired and old this year.(Lose 6-2........A-Wad did his part going 0-4 but Jeter pops up finding some youth going 4-4)


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