Monday, April 23, 2012

METS(Gee) +102 over Giants(Bumgarner)-----GE-rardo Parra, 4 RBI, HR yesterday for Arizona and GuthriE a 3-hitter to beat Milwaukee as an underdog.  Mets have some hitters with fine averages.....Wright is over .400.(Lose 7-2.....You know General Electric's a piece-of-shit Corporation when they need $3 Billion from Buffett in a pinch.   Should have known about those fucking losers.  Without Beltran, lets see.....Reyes and Pagan,  the Mets are a fucking joke.   Can't remember seeing more pathetic hitting than these Mets.)

METS(Batista) +140 over Giants(Lincecum)-------5 ER or more in each of Lincecum's 3 starts this year?  We'll try a home team against him............we'll try the poet.  I mean,  if MLB has decided,  with its suspension of Ozzie Guillen,  that Castro is no-good,  what must they be saying about Batista?(Lose 6-1.......Guillen was right;  Castro's a living god-----the only reason the Cuban economy is in a recession is that the fucking USA hasn't been trading with them, only 90 miles off the coast of Florida,  for 50 FUCKING YEARS!  What a failure of diplomacy by the USA.   Just can't beat the bad luck of the criminal Citibank-Wilpon-Madoff trifecta.   And what the fuck with Ike Davis???  2 K's,  a 3-run Error, a GIDP rally-killer and then.........THEN after all of that failure,  he's allowed to bat with the bases-loaded????!!!!   Colossal failure in management by Davey Johnson:  Pinch Hit for him!   Even with the horror of the Mets' offense,  they did take 5 walks off Lincecum.  I think they could have taken 2 more.   But does it matter?  If you're looking to David Wright and Ike fucking Davis for you RBIs,  forget it.   This Mets team will make a race to the cellar with the Cubs;  they have no hope unless they get that 'Citi' off their fucking stadium)

ROYALS(Chen) -107 over Blue Jays(Morrow)------Chen did win for the Orioles yesterday so..........could be the time for an offensive break-out from the Royals here.  They are at home.(Lose 4-1.......Minor League offense in KC;  maybe try unders with them)


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