Tuesday, April 17, 2012

HOUSTON ASTROS(Rodriguez) +155 over Washington Nationals(Gonzalez)-----With the Wizards and Orlando Magic both winning yesterday as significant underdogs, I'm definitely going with WANDy for my top play. (Lose 1-0............waste of a good game by Wandy)

CHICAGO CUBS(Dempster) +155 over Miami Marlins(Johnson)-----Cubs' young season was going down in flames before Garza picked 'em up and got a win; Now the Cubs are only 3-7. They could still go down in flames.....but they've still got a chance. Byrd is hitting .065........but the rest of the team is not that bad and they do have a chance here as RYAN Anderson had 26pts for the Magic last night and RYAN Ludwick had 4 RBI and an HR two days ago. True, I have invited the Chicago Cubs to hire me as a management consultant and.........I have not received an email-back. In fact, the very first time I applied for a job with the Cubs was on the morning of January 14th(and I can prove that). What happened next was this: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/sun-devils-shoot-past-oregon-032850753--spt.html(TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) Chanse Creekmur hit six 3-point shots and notched a career-best 24 points, helping Arizona State overcome a sloppy first half to beat Oregon State 76-66 Saturday night.) If the Cubs' were smart, they would have hired me immediately............but that didn't happen and.........a little while later Chauncey Billups got put out for the season with an injury. If the Cubs don't win this game, I can envision their season getting pretty ugly, pretty fast.(Lose 5-2......Dempster was good,  Cubs just suck.  Curious game by Darwin who went 3-4 but with a GIDP and a 2-run error.   Only 2 ER scored by each team(Dempster also had an E).   It's not the players' fault the management IS SO FUCKING STUPID,  but this team is finished;  completely and utterly unbettable this year)

CARDINALS(Lohse) -120 over Reds(Cueto)(Win 2-1)
CARDINALS(Lohse) -1.5 (+175) over Reds(Cueto)-----St Louis just has too many offensive weapons to ignore-----wow! Who is Matt Carpenter............? 4-4 with 5 RBI two days ago.(Lose 2-1)

PADRES(Bass) +106 over Colorado(Moyer)------Claiming "self-defense" and probably hoping to get off on the Norwegian "stand-your-ground" legal protections, Anders seemed to be in positive spirits giving the Nazi-ish chest-bump salute. So I'll go with an AB here with Bass despite the Padres' extreme offensive underperformance this year. Moyer, of course, is a fossil; if the Padres can't rock him, they need to quit and go home.(Lose 5-3...........a disgrace.  I could pitch in the major leagues myself if I got to face the Padres every game)


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