Sunday, April 22, 2012

RANGERS(Lewis) over Tigers(Smyly) parlayed with WHITE SOX(Danks) over Seattle(Millwood) +230-------Colby Rasmus 2 HR's yesterday while Colby Lewis has only walked 1 this year.   esMIL Rogers took the bad L and BS for the Rockies yesterday;  can't see MILwood getting a win here with the ultra-weak Mariner offense.   Who got the win for the Pirates yesterday:  AJ Burnett.....Cws have an AJ who is hitting well;  huge day for Alex Gonzalez with a 3-4, HR for Brewers and......White Sox have Alex Rios.   White Sox have some hitters who are currently weak.  But with Dee Gordon going 3-4 yesterday,  Gordon Beckham could do well today.(Win 3-2 and 7-4.....Robbie Ross picks up another W for the Rangers;  at 3-0,  with nearly 25% of the Rangers' wins this young season,  and having pitched only 5.1 innings,  you have to see some serious value in that player.   Alex Rios 3-4, 3 RBI for the White Sox)


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