Sunday, December 11, 2011

CAROLINA PANTHERS +3(-125) over Atlanta Falcons-------I can't see how the SHOCKING revelations can help Matt Ryan here----that Ryan Braun's MVP(*) season will forever bear the record book's grim asterisk......and that Ryan will be missing his team's next 50 games. Carolina is a better ATS team this year and has the home revenge. Carolina also has a 'Jordan' on both offense and defense which should help as JORDAN Johnson worked wonders at QB for the Montana Grizzilies in their win on December 9th and Jordan Hulls had 11pts in Indiana's HUGE victory yesterday over #1 Kentucky while Jordan Theodore had 14 pts in Seton Hall's cover and win against Wake Forest.(Lose 31-23.......Carolina has a 23-7 lead at half-time.......In the first 6 minutes of the 2nd half during which Carolina is on offense, coach Ron Rivera chooses to throw 7 passes(and 2 of them are intercepted)....Game Over. You're AHEAD by 3 scores......your job is to run the clock out.....YEAH! Run the ball 3 times into the middle of the line. If you don't make 10 fucking yards, punt it and see how your defense does. If Atlanta closes the lead on a possession, you're still up by 2 scores. So try 1 pass on 3rd down if you don't make it. This is BASIC fucking football strategy. Bottom Line: Fire Rivera or this whole area down there will be taught a lesson)

NEW YORK GIANTS +4.5 over Dallas Cowboys-----Giants have the revenge from last year and Dallas has home-off-road-loss. Dallas has just played Az, Miami, Wash, Buff and Seattle while the Giants have played, pretty much, the best teams in the NFL over their last 5 games giving them a 4-game losing streak. Giants are 1 game behind Dallas in the same division so they need this game more. I think you can go with the 10 here......Marc Brown #10 had 15pts for the Ill-Chi Flames in a win yesterday and Reggie Chamberlain #10 had 23pts for the UMKC Kangaroos in their win yesterday and...........oh, yeah, the 10 just won the Heisman trophy(Win 37-34......Jason Pierre-Paul with the game-winning block!)


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