Sunday, December 18, 2011

DENVER BRONCOS +8 over New England Patriots(Lose 41-23)
DENVER BRONCOS +310 over New England Patriots------The Denver Pioneers did win by 17 points yesterday(beating the "Broncos") and, while it may seem that the Broncos don't score as high as the Patriots, Denver did score 35 and 38 points against the Vikings and Raiders(I don't think Denver's like the Chiefs). In fact, before Tebow started to play, were the Broncos really that bad? Lost by 26 to the Packers(who beat everybody) on a -2 TO ratio, Lost by 3 at Tenn, Lost by 5 to San Diego, Beat the Bengals and Lost to Oakland by 3. That's 1-4 but........only 1 blow-out. Dion Waiters had a season-hi 22pts for Syracuse but Deion Branch is OUT for the Patriots. While the Patriots have lost to the Bills and Giants, I'll bring attention to their representational value: They are Red, White and Blue........"America's colors".......and almost by the day, America seems to become a more freakish and pathetic embarrassment. Jodie Foster's dad is a convicted real-estate-Ponzi-schemer........'The little player that could', Rudy, is a securities the last 30 days, 3 American mothers have shot their own kids before killing themselves........6 days ago, a disabled and unarmed army veteran is shot to death by a Las Vegas cop named Jesus with an AR-15.........and this is followed the next day by 2 kids in Las Vegas shooting themselves with guns they happened to find. And those are just a few things. Obviously, throwing at 48%, Tebow is not as good a passer as Brady and, with Brady doing his college at Michigan, and with Tebow having been beaten by Michigan in a bowl game at the end of the 2007 season and ALSO by another Michigan team, the Detroit Lions, this year, Brady could have some small quantity of the "Tebow's bane" kryptonite. But Denver has only a 1-game lead in its division and, although the Patriots haven't technically clinched anything yet, at 10-3, they don't really need this game and its equally fair to say that Tom Brady is not a QB on a "mission from God."(Lose 41-23............Lance Ball a fumble, Tebow a fumble, Quan Cosby a fumble........why does God do this to me? This game was going fine and then completely fumbled away in the 2nd quarter)


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