Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TCU HORNED FROGS -9 over Louisiana Tech Bulldogs-------Ohhhhhh, Fuck. Cam Newton has lost BCLI so much money! If LT uses Colby Cameron at QB, he will be destroyed. Lennon Creer is 'DOUBTFUL' for LT and...........I don't think they have much. TCU does have a Jones though. And I missed the Chiefs on Sunday even though, after Jerry Jones' Cowboys won and then Perry Jones III had 28 pts for Baylor against BYU and Carl Jones had 15pts for St Joe's beatdown of Villanova and Lazeric Jones had 12pts in UCLA's blow-out of UC Davis, I was looking for a Jones to bet.........Thomas Jones and Chiefs beat the Packers! The Patriots and the Dolphins had 'minor Joneses' and they both won. Patriots also had Aaron Hernandez and yes, TCU has an AH. While we learned from the Patriots' crucifixion of Tebow and the Broncos that God Is Not Great, He truly will also be dead if TCU doesn't cover this a lot.(Lose 31-24......He gone)


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