Sunday, December 04, 2011

CINCINNATI BENGALS +7 over Pittsburgh Steelers(Lose 35-7)
CINCINNATI BENGALS +250 over Pittsburgh Steelers---------In-season revenge for the Bengals....and, seeing what happened to the 7 yesterday in Houston on Keenum, this is a chance for us to attack the 7 and hurt it.(Lose 35-7.......Cincinnati's a fraud; they were never any good)

BUFFALO BILLS -1 over Tennessee Titans--------Home-off-3-Road-losses for Buffalo and I, honestly, LOVE self-expression so, if it weren't for Stevie Johnson's celebration last game against the Jets(which didn't work that day but.....), I might have given up on this Bills team. A good chance to break and punish the double-T(Lose 23-17.......BOTH turnovers recovered by Colin McCarthy.......Bills lose another TO ratio----did this shit start when the season went post-equinoctial? Because the Bills started out WINNING TO ratios)

NC STATE WOLF PACK +8.5 over Stanford-----Stanford has not failed to cover this season and has crushed some teams. However, with the Nevada Wolf Pack and the Arkansas St Red Wolves both dominating their football games yesterday, we can test Stanford with DeSHAWN Painter as KeShawn Martin did have a career day receiving for Michigan State yesterday and his punt return would have won them the game and the championship had #9 Isaiah Lewis not done the stupid roughing-the-kicker penalty. The name is still doing good: Look at Sean Kilpatrick getting 22pts for Cincinnati over Georgia on December 2nd.(Win 76-72)

ARIZONA +4.5 over Dallas(Win 19-13)
ARIZONA +175 over Dallas------Look: the 9 really fucked up last night in the MSU game and here, we get a chance to punish it and make it suffer. Arizona has played 5 road game out of its last 7 games..........maybe they have Kolb back at QB but that probably doesn't matter much. The Cowboys, at 4-6 ATS, are probably a bit softer than everyone thinks they should be this year and I can see them losing a road game to anyone. So. Miss coach yesterday??? Larry Fedora? Well, if it was, the Cardinals have Larry Fitzgerald. What we know for sure is that Landry JONES fucked up yesterday and lost BCLI some money............and that name OWNS the Dallas Cowboys. Lets bring the pain and make this hurt.(Win 19-13........LaRod Stephens-Howling, game-winning TD)


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