Sunday, March 06, 2016

NORTHEASTERN HUSKIES +3 over Nc Wilmington Seahawks(Push 73-70)
NORTHEASTERN HUSKIES +135 over Nc Wilmington Seahawks------These teams have split in 2 head-to-head games this season.   True,  Northeastern failed to cover for us last time.  But,  one day after the huge Rutgers win with Mike William getting 29pts,  I have to like Northeastern having TJ Williams.   Nc has...........Flemmings.(Lose 73-70.........Ford,  Jeremy Miller and Williams........and this Northeastern team FAILS to cover for me AGAIN !
(This is a heartbreaking loss to their families, friends, and to all of us in the Northeastern family.”..........

Northeastern University said Monday that two of its students died on Sunday in a car crash in Dubai.)
        Bad combination:  drinking,  driving,  Northeastern...........
(.....identified those killed as Boston bombing survivor Victoria McGrath, Northeastern University student Priscilla Perez Torres, Canadian boxer Cody Nixon and James Portuondo.)
        ............and a Canadian driver named 'James')

MARYLAND TERRAPINS +4.5 over Indiana Hoosiers(Lose 80-62)
MARYLAND TERRAPINS +180 over Indiana Hoosiers-----First,  there was the Knicks win yesterday where they were 7-point underdogs and they won 102-89 with Carmelo Anthony getting 24 points(Maryland has Melo Trimble).  Second,  the 60-38 win by Holy Cross today,  with Robert Champion being HC's leading scorer in the game,  was pretty hard to ignore as Army was favored by 9 points.   (Maryland has Robert Carter and Indiana's Robert Johnson might not even play due to injury).   Indiana also has some other injuries.   Both teams have been poor ATS and both are 24-6.  Maryland has had some troubling losses recently,  most disturbingly against Minnesota on the road.  And.........this game is at Indiana.   But I'll take em anyway.(Lose 80-62........Wow Maryland must be a sorry team if Indiana can beat them like this and then lose to Michigan)


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