Wednesday, March 02, 2016

PISTONS +11(-115) over Spurs(Lose 97-81..........Fucking assholes.  Fuck Texas.)
PISTONS +535 over Spurs----Texas fucking sucks.  Fuck this State of losers.  30 pt blowout of my GOY on Longhorns? Really?  Fuck you.  I did a term paper on the Alamo for this?  Fuck the loser tony romo fuck mark cuban
TRAVIS was a Loser!  VIVA LA SANTA ANA.  VIVA LA SANTA ANA.  VIVA LA SANTA ANA!(Lose 1 for 8 on FTs,  Andre Drummond was a bit below his 35% average on Free Throws(how is this guy even in the NBA?)............Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 1-10 FG,  0-4 on 3s:  Total failure,  Total Loser.   Faggoty-loser Pistons lose the 2nd half by 15.   Fuck,  Shit,  Bitch)


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