Monday, March 14, 2016

FIELD +260 over Kasich in Ohio Primary------Kasich hasn't yet volunteered to pay Thomas DiMassimo's legal fees, for bum-rushing Trump in Dayton.  (Lose 46.8% to 35.6%........You  cannot  FUCKING be serious,  Ohio.   Kasich had NOT WON A SINGLE STATE before this shit.   This is a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION,  Ohio.   Why would you waste 956,762 votes??   Your wasted,  dumb-assed,  ignorant votes would have been just as consequentially bestowed on FUCKING RAND PAUL.     Vote for FUCKING Fiorina,  why don't you?   NEVER..........would I have guessed there were so many STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS in Ohio.  Trump will punish you for this.   )

FIELD +145 over Clinton in Illinois Primary---------Huuuuuggee day for Sanders tomorrow.(Lose 50.5% to 48.7%..........FUCK.........these Establishment assholes!   Sick of this Illinois shit.  Fuck this damn state.  Stop voting your fucking vaginas,  Illinois,  you stupid FUCKING CUNTS.   
                        Viva la Revolution;   We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight.....these stupid fucking capitalist goldman Sachs-sponsored bitches.)


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