Friday, August 11, 2017

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS(Walker) -118 over Chicago Cubs(Lackey)-----Neil Walker went 4-5 w/HR yesterday for the Mets so.........I definitely wanna go here.   Looking at Walker's stats,  he seems like his record could be a little better than the 6-5 that it is........on a winning team like Arizona.  He hasn't faced the Cubs this year nor has Lackey faced Arizona.  Lackey seems to be hanging in there,  with his stats reverting to his historical norms after the 'miracle year' last year.(Lose 8-3......Alex Avila hit an HR against me and..............Arizona didn't do any hitting)

WASHINGTON NATIONALS(Jackson) -1.5(+100) over San Francisco Giants(Stratton)----Offensive differential between these teams should make it very hard for SF to win unless Jackson really fucks up.(PPD)

TEXAS RANGERS(Hamels) +108 over Houston Astros(Morton)-----It may be stupid to bet against the Astros,  but Gerritt Cole did well and won yesterday so we'll give the Rangers a chance at home with Cole Hamels.(Win 6-4.........Hamels goes 7 3 0 2 5  and Elvis Andrus went 3-4)


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