Saturday, February 28, 2015

DAVIDSON WILDCATS -6.5 over George Washington Colonials-----Well,  GW does have the revenge and,  at 18-10,  usually wins........but they only cover 1/3 of the time.  Looking at Davidson's schedule,  one sees a literal sea of covers.   Davidson has probably been the most profitable CBB team to bet on this year.   With GW's ATS failure this year,  this is probably the most "+" ATS advantage--in Davidson's favor----that a handicapper could imagine.  And Davidson has proven capable of winning some of its home games by 10 points or more:  beating a few teams by 20,  and Saint Louis by 35.  And with GW having the player-name 'Savage',  we could imagine the from-BtG ghost of Chris Kyle coming into the arena to shoot for Davidson,  finishing out the blow-out with high-percentage accuracy.   (Win 77-66........Jack Gibbs 22pts.....Brian Sullivan 21pts.....Jordan Barham 17pts.....Aldridge 2-3 on 3s)

DRAKE BULLDOGS +5.5 over Southern Illinois Salukis----While SIU has the revenge and home-off-road-loss,  a comparison of these teams over their last 10 games shows Drake winning half the time,  while SIU hasn't really proved much winning-capability.(Lose 63-67......Thought Karl Madison might finally step up, but no:  ZERO points for Madison.)
NC STATE WOLFPACK -5.5 over Boston College Eagles----Nc State on a 4-0 ATS streak including 2 road wins in which they were at least a 9.5-point underdog in addition to almost beating Virginia.  So they're hot.   And I just don't see anything........that BC has to compete with that,  you know?  I mean,  well,  BC is the 'Eddie Odio' team but...............what,  is Dimitri Batten gonna beat me?   I think that's not only unlikely but illogical.(Lose 79-63.......Unreal:  NC State can beat Louisville and North Carolina........but they lose by 16 to Boston College??   Ralston Turner 3-14 on 3s?   This team is a disgrace;  DIS-GRACE.)

MICHIGAN +8.5 over Maryland(Lose 66-56)
MICHIGAN +350 over Maryland----------I really think it helps Michigan that Jihadi John's real name is now known as Muhammed.   Mohammed Emwazi----"Jihadi John"----did what everyone in the West says you're supposed to do(Go to college),  and he stood up to Obama's arrogance in the face of continued illegal American bombing of ISIS by showing Obama the consequences of his belligerent actions.    Beneficially,  Muhammed should have his best game of the year today for Michigan.   While Maryland usually wins,  and is coming off a surprising win against Wisconsin(who I think is really good),  we can surmise that Maryland got a bit lucky.   Michigan's recent win against OSU is,  I think,  different because Ohio State is just not as good as Wisconsin.   Yes,  with their height and rebounding power,  Wisconsin is one of the best teams:  Maryland must have gotten too lucky---they should pay back some luck in this game.   Clearly,  Michigan needs the win more,  so we'll take the money-line too.........
     "Smokin weed under star-projectors........
      I guess we'll never know what Harvard gets us....
        ....but seein my family have it all took the place of that desire for diplomas on the wall............and really I think I like who I'm becoming............."(Lose 66-56......Aubrey Dawkins 1-7,  0-3 on 3s.....Ricky Doyle 2-7......Maryland did hit too many shots in the 2nd half but.........this is a lot of points and they couldn't even cover.)


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