Saturday, January 07, 2012

LIONS +10.5 over Saints(Lose legitimate reason why the Lions had to collapse this pathetically in the 2nd half----Jesus! This was a 14-10 game at halftime)
LIONS +460 over Saints-------Lions allowed over 40 points last game to Matt Flynn in a game the Packers totally didn't need.....that shows how bad the Lions defense can be. However, with the revenge here, if the Lions can just tighten up the D---like a 'serious', post-season D----they can win if the Saints have a bad day(and if NO can lose to the Rams and Tampa Bay, as they have..........its possible)(Lose 45-28..........Aaron Berry with a muffed INT; looked easy to me but he dropped it)

CINCINNATI BENGALS +4 over Houston Texans------If you're in playoff contention, as Houston was, and you lose to the Colts and Panthers(and Titans) coming down the stretch, I'd say you have some problems. Bengals have the revenge; I think that's good enough(Lose 31-10.......Andy Dalton: LOSER)


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