Friday, August 08, 2008

ATLANTA(Campillo) +105 over Arizona(Davis)---------Linemakers still not respecting Campillo; he is great. Davis coming off a bad start (Win 11-6)

PITTSBURGH(Maholm) +157 over Phillies(Blanton)-------Phillies not scoring particularly well, they're not taking walks anymore. They've dropped from taking 1 walk every 7 or 8 at bats to taking 1 walk every 9 or 10 atbats. Maholm has shut them down once already and Blanton is not good (Win 2-0)

BOSTON(Lester) -110 over Whitesox(Buehrle)---------Red Sox have scored 8 runs in each of their last 2 games and Buehrle is coming off a couple of bad starts (Lose 5-3)

Florida(Nolasco) vs Mets(Perez) UNDER 4.5 1st 5innings only-------------Marlins cant hit lhp's and Nolasco has done well vs the Mets earlier. (Win 3-0)


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