Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SAN DIEGO PADRES(Jackson) +170 over Atlanta Braves(Teheran)------Hmm.  The Braves are -180.   SD has the Team Revenge against Teheran......I'll take it.(Lose 7-3............Dansby Swanson got 3 RBI against me?  what kind of name is that?   Jackson destroyed in 2 innings)

SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS(Cueto) -154 over Arizona Diamondbacks(Greinke)----sf won big yesterday but this is a revenge matchup.(Lose 4-3...........This is the only time this year when Cueto has failed to complete the 5th inning.   In 27 starts this season,  Cueto has allowed 6 ER in a start 3 times and 5 ER once(not counting the All-Star game in which he was annihilated).  Cueto walked 5 batters once in a win this year.  In THIS game,  Cueto allowed 4ER and walked 4,  making this arguably his worst start of the year)


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