Saturday, August 27, 2016

MINNESOTA TWINS(Santana) +197 over Toronto Blue Jays(Stroman)-------Here's Santana,  coming off 6 consecutive awesome starts........and he's +197.  True,  Twins are 30 games below .500,  but they have the Team Revenge against ---yes-- the 5'8 Duke Blue Devil Stroman.   Toronto destroyed Minnesota last night but they've only scored 40 more runs than the Twins have this year and they actually have a lower team batting average than the Twins do.(Lose 8-7...........How much of a lead do you need to close?   Worst loss of the year.  Twins have a 4-run lead in the 4th innings and a 4-run in the middle of the 7th inning.  Ryan Pressly comes in after Santana had to go out.  Pressly failed to challenge Encarnacion with enough fastballs.   Still,  Twins were winning 7-6 going into the bottom of the 8th:  Paul Molitor leaves Pressly in there.......psshhhhh,  what a waste.  A waste of a great pick by me)

INDIANS(Carrasco) over Rangers(Griffin) parlayed with PIRATES(Taillon) over Brewers(Nelson) +198------Well,  Rangers beat Indians 9-0 then Indians beat Rangers 12-1 yesterday.  Rangers have won 75 games,  which is impressive,  but Griffin has definitely gotten worse,  with his ERA going from 2.93 to 4.68 over his last 10 starts.   Carrasco does have bad games sometimes,  but overall he's been much better.   Rangers' offense is flawed in that it is 27th in baseball in taking walks.  Pirates offense has scored about 40 more runs than Brewers' offense.   Taillon has been walking only 1 every 7.4 innings and he actually has the Pitcher Revenge against Milwaukee here.(Lose 7-0..........How does Carrasco do this bad and Griffin do this good?   I guess MSNBC'll have to get what's gonna to it.  Error at 1st base by Carlos Santana...........but it didn't matter:  Cleveland couldn't hit)

CHICAGO WHITE SOX(Quintana) -147 over Seattle Mariners(Miranda)-----Miranda hasn't pitched enough to show how good he is.  But Quintana's been consistent and good,  having the best season of his career.  Mariners have scored 83 more runs than CWS.  But White Sox DO hit significantly higher vs lhps while Mariners hit significantly lower vs lhps.  Yesterday,  Sale pitched a CG with 14 K's and the CWS lost for him,  demonstrating how average, if not weak,  the White Sox offense has been.(Win 9-3)

DETROIT TIGERS(Fulmer) -1.5(+100) over La Angels(Oberholtzer)-------Angels' offense has improved,  coming up pretty close behind the Tigers' in most categories.   But this is Oberholtzer's first start of the year.  I'll go with the Tigers, who are in a pennant race,  at home.(Lose 3-2...........two Tigers' players ejected by home plate umpire Mike Everitt.   Tigers' manager ejected by Mike Everitt..........Tigers' hitting coach ejected by Mike Everitt?   Now things are getting dangerous,  bitch.  Now they're dangerous.)


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